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Shivaay left from there being guilty for his behaviour

Shivaay's point of view

How can I do this with her.
I ignored her for this business who is becoming rival in our story

S- I got to know about my love, when she was in hospital. That was the first time when I saw her clearly and closely after years.

We used to meet very rare
I saw her rather go say stared her . I was in love with her. But I never cared.

This was my biggest mistake ever.

When I saw her through window. I was stunned seeing her puffy  eyes were . I don't know what easy was happening with me but I discovered it because of your ignorance.

I don't know was the reason why she was going but I'll find it soon.

The girl I love hates me, he  chuckled and again started crying

He opened his drawer and picked up her photo

I clearly remember this incident and pic too

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I clearly remember this incident and pic too.


Shivika with their parents were going for a marriage

Anika came towards him

A- hloo shiv

S- ohh hii Anu

A- how are you shiv

S- I'm fine and please stop asking these formal questions

A- ok
Then tell me how I'm looking

S- looking like a perfect bhootni

A- I hate you.

Shivaay looked towards her angirly

A- sholly hate is big word right
But I will not talk to you now

S- I'm also not dying to talk to you

A- huhhh
Anika went

S- how can... I say that s...she is looking stunning.
I .. can't say na
But now I had to manofy her

A- no need billu

S- stop here atleast idiot

A- you stupid baggadbilla

Mohit entered

M- hey Anika

A- hii Mohit

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