5sosageplay: I Play?

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could you do one of these but where they are even younger like 2-6 year old 1d are like the daddies and 5sos are like the babies and maybe something with that they exclude Lukey a bit bc he's the youngest

I hope you love it!!


Luke (2 years old)

Michael (4 years old)

Calum (5 years old)

Ashton (6 years old)

Papa- Louis

Pops- Zayn

Baba- Liam

Daddy- Niall

Dada- Harry

Luke wanted to play his big brothers, but his brothers never let him. They think Luke is just baby and babies will mess with everything up.

Luke was playing his toy car in middle of the playroom, but when he saw his brother Michael play blocks together he decide to join them.

"Wey, Miwky can I play wou," Luke asked Michael. Michael shooked his head.

"No, you a baby and I don't play with babies who mess it up," Michael said as Luke head was down feeling upset what his brother said.

He whimper and went away searching for his other brother Calum. Calum was play his action figure the X-Men. Luke went over and sat down on the floor beside Calum.

"Can Luke pway," Luke asked Calum. Calum nodded as Luke smiled wide seeing his brother will pay with him.

Luke about to grab Cyclopes, but Calum shouted," NO." Luke flinches back. Calum held his Cyclopes to his chest continued playing his other figure.

Luke again about to grab Wolverine, but Calum shouted. Calum decided let no one touches his X-Men Luke figure it out got up and went away.

'No one wants to play with Luke' Luke thought sadly.

Luke found Ashton playing his toys trucks, Luke had idea getting his cars walking toward Ashton.

"Can I play Ashy?" Ashton shook his head continued play his trucks.

Luke signed sadly,"I got toys cars so we can play together."

Ashton said,"Leave me alone Luke go play with some else." Ashton scooted Luke out of his way and his trucks.

'No one wikes Luke' Luke said to himself and cried too.

Niall and Louis was kind-of-a mothers to the boys. They were going to get the boys for dinner hat is finished.

They both stopped in the tracks when they saw Luke crying in the corner. They ran up to him as Niall spooned Luke up.

"What's right baby," Louis asked.

Luke sniffed and looked at his papa,"No one wants to pway with Luke anywore." Niall rudder his tears away.

"How about I play with you Luke after we finished dinner whiled your papa going to speak with the boys," Niall cooed. Luke smiled and nodded as Niall gave Louis the look and went down the steps.

Louis took a deep breath and walked in the playroom seeing the boys still play. Louis cleared his throat to get them a attention they all turn around.

"Boys, I very disappointed that you let your little brother to play with you. I know he's a baby, but don't treat him different don't forget that you are all still babies ok," their papa said.

The boys was thinking about it what they have done so Louis took them downstairs whiled everyone was down into the kitchen everyone was eating and having a good time. The boys ran to their little brother and apologize to him after dinner Niall promise Luke to play with him, but until all Luke older brothers decided to play with Niall and him.

Luke was happy enjoying play with Ashton, Calum, and Michael.


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