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For your convenience, here is a list of our chapters and their contents! It will be updated every Friday, as we will be uploading a new chapter every Friday as well.

As promised, there will be five aspects to this book, and the contents have been split accordingly. The parts that are [to be uploaded] are parts that have either been written or about to be written, and are usually based off what you - the reader - have asked to see from us.

Part I: The (Exhausting) World of Reviewers

1. Types of Reviewers

2. Pick Your Poison: Which Reviewer Should You Choose?

3. An Agent 007 Guide to Stalking Reviewers

4. Keep Calm & Eat a Donut: How to Handle Harsh/Rude Reviewers

5. Most Frustrating Reviewers

6. Uno-Reverse! Most Frustrating Requesters

7. Types of Authors

8. Types of Comments

9. An Extremely Sugar-Coated Review [9/10 Dentists Hate This One!]

10. Payment 

Part II: Overall Writing Advice

11. Blurbs: How to Make them Superb [Novels]

12. Blurbs: How to Make them Superb [Poetry + Short Story]

13. Run-On Sentences: How to Make them... Not Run?

14. Time-Travelling Through the Tenses: Past vs Present Tense

15. Country Road, Please Keep Me On The Road: Planning + Sticking To Your Plot!

16. Talk that Talk: Writing Good Dialogue

17. This Redundant Sentence is Redundant: Avoiding Redundancy In Your Writing!

18. The Greatest Battle of All: Showing vs Telling

19. Master Chef: Cooking up an "Interesting" Story

20. The Voice, Wattpad Edition: Finding Your Character Voice

21. Point of View: First Person, Second Person, Third Person, and That One Person Who Didn't Make the Love Triangle

22. Styles. Writing Styles. Not Harry Styles. 

23. Tortoise vs Hare: Pacing

24. Shpealling and-- I mean, Spelling and Proofreading.  

25. Starting Your Story

26. Prologues

27. Commas And How To Use Them Correctly And Not Send Grammar Nazis Into A Coma

28. Writer's Block. Aka, The Reason You Are Reading This Story

29. A Good Protagonist

30. Foreshadowing

Thirty-One. Writing Numbers

32. World Building [without Lego]

33. Diversity

34. LGBTQ+

35. Let's Play A Game: Is This Plot Point Necessary?

36. Writing Descriptions so that your readers' hearts melt from their frozen blocks of ice, scarred by the skate blades of broken relationships, and allow beautiful sunshine warmth to flood into their hearts and scrape away the ugly slushy frozen scraps and dump the pain and heartbreak into an empty parking lot of their souls. [Aka, Writing Good Descriptions]

Before they met, his heart was a frozen block of ice, scarred by the skate blades ofbroken relationships, then she came along and like a beautiful Zamboni flooded his heart with warmth,scraped away the ugly slushy bits, and dumped them in the empty parking lot of his soul. —

Part III: Cliché vs Unique Tropes (that include dancing noodles)

37. Quiz Time: Is Your Story Cliché?

38. Quiz Time: Is Your Poetry Cliché?

39. Quiz Time: Is Your Short Story Cliché?

40. Quiz Time: Is Your Fanfiction Cliché?

41. Love Triangles. Or Squares. Or Pentagons. Or Chiliagons.

42. Types of Best Friends

43. Love at First Sight

44. The Wattpad Drinking Game: Take a Shot with Every Cliché Phrase That Makes You Release the Breath You Didn't Know You Were Holding

45. Good Girl; Bad Boy

46. Types of Antagonists

47. Types of Supporting Characters

48. The Alpha-Beta-Charlie-Delta Werewolf

49. Types of Love Interests

50. The Mary Sue

51. Dead Parents [Mum, I'm talking about literature please stop thinking I want to hurt you please just stop looking at my screen thank you]

Part IV: Making Your Book 'Wattpad Famous' (without Harry Styles)

52. Covers: Because, Yes, We Judge The Book By The Cover

53. How to Get Reads on Wattpad (That Doesn't Involve Going on Multiple Devices and Clicking Your Story To Raise the Read Count)

54. Myth-Busting: Awards

55. Myth-Busting: Community Accounts

Part V: The Road to Publishing? (How does it work?)

This section is yet to have any contents. But if you have any questions about the publishing world, or how to get your story up to publishing standards, let us know! We can't promise an answer to every question, but we will try to make our answers as educated as possible.

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