Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

'He never called you back?' Audrey seemed frustrated herself, confused in a way. I swirl the coffee around in my cup, shaking my head.

'Nup.' I popped the 'P'. 'He didn't text me back and neither did I get a text this morning.' I shrug it off. I didn't worry that much considering I know him wouldn't do anything stupid while I'm gone. Audrey couldn't help but think otherwise.

'But what if-'

'Audrey, I don't need to hear this.' I raise my hand, laughing in a way to suppress this situation.

'Anna, I'm just saying, cause of his past, IF there was something terrible to happen, be ready... that's all.' She raises her hands in surrender and tilts her head. She was right, always is, but I can't continually think negative. Things are going so well and it can't just end now.

'I know you want what's best but I do truly think he wouldn't do anything of the sort.' I mumble. 'I just hope his family are doing alright.'

'Yeah, let's hope so.' She mumbles again, simply sipping down her coffee. I could tell she was upset with me, she knew that I should be taking into account his past but Harry was trying his hardest as a man to change and to improve himself for the benefit of our relationship hence why I don't think he did anything stupid.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and Audrey had picked me up from a last minute job I had with a client who was going to a high tea. She was very posh, very up kept and talked significantly well. Her bathroom tiles heated up and her bathtub was bribed to fit into the doorframe of her bathroom. I think she even said her cats had their own bathroom too.

She wasn't that difficult to work with which made it easier and less stressful on my handiwork. I flew back to London tomorrow night so I was keen to see Harry again during the day and spend it relaxing with him from my expected jetlag.

I didn't want to do much today. Maybe sit and read and edit some more pre-recorded videos. It was going to be a casual day. A day that I lived one too many times. At this point, it was expected of me to be this repetitive with my life, to do the same thing over and over again for the entertainment of the world.

There was currently some beauty drama going on to which I am happy I wasn't in. I hadn't met other influencers besides smaller channels that only had a few thousand subscribers. I knew that becoming friends with all these dramatic people wouldn't benefit my life at all and to some that could come off selfish but I knew I had to take care of myself before strangers.

Plenty of people would want me to collaborate with certain beauty influencers and when I decided not to, I'd just collaborate with Audrey and a few others friends of mine. Anyone who I have known for a long time and gained an exceptional amount of trust for I thought would be nice to collaborate with.

But after a long day, lying in bed and hopefully talking with Harry would cheer me up. He had been on my mind all day, all the possibilities of his whereabouts flooding my own mind. I just hoped he was okay and my mind ran far from the stupid actions he could take, so I didn't worry that much.

I walked over to my bed, my laptop already was on FaceTime from when I previously used it and I sat beside it. As I clicked on Harry's profile picture to call him, I grabbed the stacks of blankets and threw them over me and hugged into the bed, waiting for his response. He didn't pick up. Neither did he the second time.

I quickly grabbed my phone and sent him a text, letting him know to call me soon and update him that I will be leaving for London tomorrow night. I gave up trying to get this attention quite quickly when a YouTuber I follow finally posted a video. After some time, I had fallen asleep with heavy eyes and passed out earlier than expected for tonight. 


Bear with me, I've been having a mental struggle recently. Nothing too serious but I hadn't had time to write, and even though this is a small chapter, it's a cute filler. Thank you x


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