Reid's Second Crush

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Apparently, the amount of time required for Reid Cathwell to admit that he might not be straight was three long weeks. It took almost every ounce of his confusion slowly making him crazy for him to admit that. He'd seen Luna a couple more times over the three weeks, quite regularly. He only saw her in the pet shop and he was so shy that he had never ventured to talk to her. Her smile was the single most beautiful thing he'd seen except well, maybe, Taylor's smile. Taylor's smile was open and sincere while Luna smiled shyly and a little tentatively. It was weird that he had two crushes at the same time. He wondered if that was possible and he had landed on the word polyamorous. If they agreed, he'd definitely date both of them. But the thing is, he wasn't a man enough to admit he liked Taylor at first.

It three weeks of torturing himself by being next to Taylor. It was hard not to smile when Taylor smile. His heart would start beating faster every time Taylor smiled. So, yes, he was fucked. He had crushes on two people. His crush on Taylor seemed reasonable to him. He knew what Taylor was like. But Luna? She was still a mystery. He was too nervous to talk to her.

He accepted the fact that he had a second crush. He was anxious every time he met up with Taylor, he felt bad when Taylor couldn't come and he enjoyed every moments they spent together. Even when they weren't together, he still thought of Taylor. It was hard to go on by with this sort of a crush on two people.

The day carried on bleary and Reid felt tired. It was too much excitement for one summer. His friends had abandoned him choosing to go to the beach. Okay, so maybe he had sulked and told them he didn't want to go. But still, they were assholes for not having tried to persuade him in joining them. Simon had posted a picture of seashells. They knew how much Reid like seashells! Then Oliver had posted a video of smashing Simon's sandcastle which had likely ended in Simon shoveling sand into Oliver's swim trunks. Reid looked at his phone sadly when a message from Taylor lit up his screen. His mind wanted him to reply.

Even his fingers itched to typed out a witty response to whatever Taylor had sent. He sighed because this shouldn't be a huge deal. He has crush on two different people for two different reasons which meant he was supposed to choose between or ask them both. As said by a wise man, Oliver, he had liked Luna solely on her appearance so it would be an obvious choice to choose Taylor but at the same time, what if he couldn't get Luna out of his mind even when he was dating Taylor? It was too much of a hassle.

Taylor wanted to know if he'd meet up in the park today and he replied yes because no matter what his decision was he'd still want Taylor to be his best friend. He was really good person to hang out with. There was an additional advantage, Taylor didn't know about the birdmen incident and he hadn't seen the video so it meant that Reid was cool in Taylor's eyes. Taylor had mentioned once how Reid's surfer dude looks must make a lot of girls swoon. But what he didn't know was, Reid was barely cool in his school. He was a known dork. But Reid knew that Taylor had accepted him for who he is even though he hadn't read the Grover Scepter Chronicles completely even now after a month and a half after meeting Taylor.

The truth was, Reid liked watching Taylor lose his mind about it and talk all passionately, and yes, ladies, gentleman and whatever-pronouns-you-identify-with-people, Reid was totally whipped.

He shook his head and showed the phone into his pocket cursing himself because he has never had legitimate crushes before and now he's stuck with two. This is not now I imagined the summer would go, Reid thought bittersweet.

Taylor was pretty, undeniably pretty with his long lashes that framed his blue eyes perfectly and pouty lips that he bit whenever he was trying not to laugh at Reid and that was almost all the time. Luna was so gorgeous, shy as though she didn't know how beautiful she was, her black hair looked so pretty.

He ran home and texted his best friends with their emergency signal. They ran there because emergency and when text arrived, almost at the same time, Reid wondered if they had been together. He shook his head. They had important matter, after all, Reid was self centered.

"What is it?" Oliver asked falling back on Reid's bed, his hair bouncing since it had grown longer.

"I have a crush." He said.

"Yes, on Luna, half the planet knows that." Simon said uncharacteristically which made Oliver happy.

"No," Reid looked down at his lap and took a deep breath. "I have a crush on someone else."

"Great." Oliver cheered uncharacteristically and Reid looked around between the two of them and saw Oliver's cheeks darken with a blush.

"Who is it?" Simon asked.


"I knew it!" Oliver shouted, "Si, I told you something was off when he kept going off to meet Taylor and smiling at his phone whenever the guy texted him."

"Shut up, Oli. We get it." Simon grumbled, "Does that mean you don't like Luna anymore?"

"No, I still like her." He replied sheepishly.

He couldn't get her out of his head. Maybe, it was the hope that he'd talk to her one day but he was foolishly holding on to his crush on her. Totally illogical.

"Oh man." Oliver muttered and right then Reid got a message asking if he wanted to drive up to the beach.

"The beach?" Simon asked when Reid mentioned it, "That's like a two and a half hour drive."

"I don't why Taylor wants to go. He rarely wants to go out of his house."

"Maybe, he's talking you there to kill you." Oliver said childishly, "The silent ones are the worst."

Reid drove up to Taylor's house, a little worried. It was still three so they'd get there around six if he drove properly. He had bright his swim trunks and other beach necessities but he wondered if Taylor was alright. Taylor walked out of his house with a tight lipped smile, gripping a bag and Reid wondered what had happened.

Taylor didn't say anything just sat and strapped his seatbelt and asked him to drive.

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