Reid's Confusion

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The next few days, Reid was extremely confused and rightfully so. His thoughts were unreasonably filled with the thoughts of Luna who he had only seen once since then. That made it two times in total. It seemed to him that every time someone opened the door to the pet shop, he turned his head to see if Luna was there. It was discernable that he had a crush on her even though he barely knew her. It was wonder, really, how he had a crush on someone for more than a week. He sighed. She didn't even know him, she didn't even know he existed because even the two times he had seen her, he had hidden himself away because he didn't want to catch her eye even when she did. It was a dilemma that he had yet to overcome.

Xena had mentioned that Luna had come on last Friday when Reid didn't have a shift. Apparently, Reid's luck was crappy. Xena told him that the silent girl had convinced her parents to adopt a dog and that they would come by and help her pick one. She was sad that she couldn't take all of them home. It seemed to be a quite common occurrence among the customers, wanting to take all the animals home. Reid was happy that he was only animal in his house. He was also afraid that his parents would love a dog more than him considering how he had brought so much shame to them.

That's when it hit him— Luna had probably seen his video. What if she had seen him running down naked? That would explain why she might pretend not to see him even when she had. Or, maybe she hadn't seen him, the rational part of him argued.

He was walking down the street when it happened— the clichést first meeting of all clichés. He crashed into someone. His build was stronger than the other person's and he, the other guy, all but flew down to the ground while Reid stumbled.

“Fuck, are you okay?” Reid asked like every teenager who knew the answer to that question.

The boy was smaller than him, looked fragile and his book had fallen next to him. He picked up the book and Reid offered him his hands which the boy took gratefully, standing up to his full height, his head reaching Reid's chest. He dusted himself off and looked at the skin that had scrapped on his palm and winced. Reid looked apologetic.

“I'm so sorry. I really am.”

“No. No, it's fine.” The boy corrected his glass that seemed to have swooped down a little. “I'm just glad I didn't break my glasses, my mom would have been so angry at me. This is my second pair this year, I should have watched where I'm going. I was reading so— it's not your fault.”

Reid noticed a lot of things at once which was new. He noticed the boy's pretty eyes, blue and the boy was really animated. He seemed to be high on caffeine or maybe he was naturally hyper.

“I feel really bad, though.” Reid said softly, “How about a coffee? On me?”

“I couldn't—”

“No, it's not bother. It's the least I can do after running into you like that.” Reid smiled, knowing that his smile was the key. “Reid.”

He offered to shake the raven haired boy's hand and the boy ducked his head shaking Reid's hand stiffly,

“Taylor.” He replied.

Reid and Taylor went to the nearest café where the blue haired barista took their orders. They sat in one of the seats close to the window that showed the view of a red bricked building. It was awkward, considering how Luna was still on his mind yet he was distracted by Taylor, too at the same time.

“So, what book are you reading?”

Taylor held up the book so Reid could see it himself. Reid looked at the bright red cover of Darcius Sword and he raised his eyebrow since it was the final book of a really famous book series called Grover Scepter Chronicles by  Anya Madden. Reid hadn't read the books yet but had heard a great deal.

“I haven't read any of the books.” Reid admitted and watched Taylor's eyes widen.

He didn't say anything, though because a red haired waitress with a pixie cut walked in with their orders and set it in front of them. Reid had ordered muffins for both of them, too. The waitress noticed the book and broke out into a smile. She gave a thumbs up to Taylor who smiled at her shyly.

“It's awesome! You have to read it.” It was tortuous having to watch Taylor contain his excitement when Reid knew that he was waiting to burst out.

“I'm not sure. You could tell me about it. I'll maybe want to read it if you tell me.”

That was a really weird thing to say and Reid knew it. But Taylor seemed so alone. It was sort of nice to talk with someone apart from Simon, Oliver, Xena and Connie. Taylor looked a little dazed and then he nodded. They had coffee, laughed at something that Reid had accidentally said. Then they had parted ways promising to meet each other at the park at five in the evening the next day.

That's Reid going himself befriending Taylor, a geek who didn't have friends and made being a geek look cool. They sat at one of the benches watching the kids play while Taylor narrated the stories from the series so that Reid would read them. He finished the first book and stopped narrating at the end— spoilers, duh. Taylor was stubborn and kept saying that they wouldn't talk more about the books if Reid didn't read the first book.

For some reason, Reid gave in; borrowing Simon's copy of Placean Grail and surprisingly he enjoyed the book and called Taylor to gush about it who was really proud of Reid.

That's how Reid and Taylor's friendship began and at first it was limited to their discussions of the series and books but both of them were content with their talks.

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