Reid's Crush

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The following days, Reid was surprised that Connie wasn't murmuring Luna's name. He was so caught up in that girl's thoughts. His days were obviously the exact same- Chip's assholery and the other jobs that he to do. But the cats seemed to be taking pity on him. He wondered if they had thought poor child, let us, the mighty beings take him under our wing. He sighed when he came home and saw his mom glare. She still hadn't forgiven her. She was known as the birdmen boy's mother now. Reid saluted her and walked up to his room, opened the door and screamed when saw Simon and Oliver sitting on his bed and reading comics.

Simon smiled at Reid's antics while the ever sassy Oliver just scowled.

"Guys, like can you not, please?"

"What do you mean?" Simon asked confused the sudden breakdown of Reid's vocabulary.

"Why are you here?"

"Jesus, you smell." Oliver muttered.

"Not a word about how I smell or I'm going to sit on you."

"Kinky." Simon whispered before laughing out loud.

Reid shook his head before getting into the bathroom hoping to get a few minutes of peace and hoping to stop smelling like the animals puked on him. When he finished showering, he half expected to see the duo making out or straddling each other because that's how much tension they have between them since puberty hit. But alas, they were just playing games on their phones. Reid was relieved that they weren't doing anything on his bed.

"Why are you guys here?" Reid asked and shook his head like a wet dog.

"Because we haven't seen you for two weeks, fucktard." Oliver supplied.

"Aww, you guys missed me?" Oliver scoffed.

Reid leaned back, plugging in his earphones even though his friends were right there because they didn't do shit together. Just sitting there together and doing nothing was more than enough for their friendship. For some reason, his mind kept going back to Raymond Ramones' party- yes, that party. Why had he said yes to the dare? Well, apart from the obvious reason that he was drunk. Had he wanted to impress someone or pretend to be cool?

"Do you guys know someone called Luna?" Reid asked as a matter of factly.

"Does she go to our school?" Simon asked and Reid muttered a maybe.

"Lovegood?" Oli asked.

"Yes, Lovegood because apparently we study in Hogwarts." Reid sassed and Oliver threw his hands up in annoyance.

"What does she look like?" Simon asked.

Reid stopped. He couldn't describe her. Definitely not. He'd end up singing sonnets and his friends would tease him about having a crush which was so childish- even if he did have a crush. But he had just seen her! It wasn't like he'd fallen in love with her. She was just pleasant to look at. Maybe, he would like to take her on dates and offer her his coat when she felt cold- except for the fact that it was summer.

Simon just looked at Reid in a suspicious way. Simon was always the reasonable one in the group while Reid was impulsive (duh, obviously) and Oliver was so cynical that it was hard for him to give any actual sound advice like a decent human being. Oliver's area of expertise was sarcastic and cynical commentary on Simon or Reid's misery. Oliver's curly red hair had become so incredibly frizzy that they resembled tight coils of wire wound up. His freckles had darkened over the summer, almost glowing against his tan skin.

Oliver rode around in his bicycle, his shirt flapping against the wind while he wore a tank top underneath. His shorts were incredulously short and that was a sight because Oli was incredibly tall at 6'4" and Reid was barely 6' while Simon, sweet Simon, was around 5'7" which was a decent height but compared to his friends he could have been a midget. Now, Oli and Si were sitting with legs stretched on Reid's bed and Simon hugged at how short his legs seemed compared to Oli and chose to tuck his legs inside and sit Indian style. Simon's olive skin and dark eyes made him look more handsome than the other two.

"Why are you asking?" Simon finally asked and Oliver's curious gaze was on Reid.

"It's just- uh, there was this girl in the pet shop." (uh huh) "I'd never seen her before and I wondered if you guys knew her."

"That's all?" Oliver asked and Simon nodded at the question.

"That's all." Reid choked out.

Simon and Oliver waited. They had a psychological trick to make Reid admit his lies. They'd wait fit a moment not saying anything when they thought Reid was lying. They had been doing that for years and Reid would always cave after a few moments under their silent scrutinizing gazes unable to take it.

"Fine!" Simon and Oliver broke out into matching grins, "She was cute? She was- ugh, really really gorgeous."

Simon listened to Reid patiently with a smile on his face as Reid described Luna in the most poetic way he could manage (or puke inducing way according to Oliver) and Oli rolled his eyes when Reid tried to be a romantic poet from the sixteenth century. Oh, alas, her gaze didn't land upon this poor soul- that sort of crap while Reid went on and on about Luna and her blue eyes, Oliver yawned.

"Yo, when did you see this chick?" Oliver asked having enough of Reid's crap.

"Today afternoon?" Reid ventured to see what their reactions would be like.

Simon didn't bat an eyelash while Oliver's mouth hung open. He blinked at Reid while Reid shifted uncomfortably on the chair and fidgeted with the things on his desk.

"Bro, that's some Romeo-Juliet crap. You know that didn't end well, right?" He paused for a dramatic effect, "They died! Reid, they died!"

"Yeah, I know, and I heard you the first time." Reid leaned back, "It's not like I'm in love with her. Also, my family isn't some high class noble family or something."

"And Cathwell's are like the nicest people. They wouldn't have an enemy or a rival." Simon added, "Your logic is flawed, Oli."

"Thanks, Simon." Reid muttered while Oliver went on a rage.

He talked about how girls shouldn't be objectified and how Reid shouldn't like someone just because they're pretty. All this coming from a guy who had rated and scored everyone on their attractiveness when they were fifteen. Talk about hypocrisy. Reid didn't just like her for her appearance. He would like to know her. She just seemed like a mystery. Of course, everyone that hadn't talked to him was a mystery but that's not the point.

He sighed as he watched his friends fight over his crush and the logic of it. So, he prayed that his crush on Luna would go away- he didn't even know her last name or her age. She could be way older than him for all he knew. He wished that he would stop crushing on her or that he'd get a chance to see her again and talk to her.

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