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Gege line

Their reaction when you confess to them:


[Hanyu's P.O.V]

Seriously, this girl is getting weird. Always giving me notes everyday.

"Hey, you're Yn, right? Meet me at the dance studio this dismissal." I said.

[Yn's P.O.V]

Did... my... crush.. just... talked.. to.. me..?



I went to the dance studio (in the school) and saw, of course, Hanyu.

"So, tell me..."

"Tell... you what?" I asked. "Your actions around me, why so.... shy and blushy? And... why do you keep sending me notes like, everyday?" he asked.

I took a deep breath and finally told him the truth.

"Well, actually... I really like you. I've liked you since preschool so... if you don't like me, I can just-" Before I could finish my sentence he pecked my cheeks which made me blush so hard.

"Heheh I like you too."



[Yn's P.O.V]

"Hey... Zihao?" He looked at me, "Hm?"

"Uhh-" I pecked his cheeks and yelled "ILOVEYOUBEMINE." before running away.

[Zihao's P.O.V]

My cheeks turned red and I chuckled. "Heheh if only she knew I liked her too."



[Yn's P.O.V]

He's my bestfriend but, I like him. Oh well...

I took out my phone and texted Xinlong. "Meet me at the rooftop, now."

As I waited at the rooftop, he finally arrived. "Hey, you could've just told me to follow you to the rooftop inste-" I cut him off and pecked his cheeks.

"I like you." I was going to run away but he held my wrist and said, "I like you too." and pecked my lips.

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