Sneak peak #2

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My next scenario is going to be a Boystory one. (I'll make an ending for all of them)

Oh and btw, just imagine they're all in the same age but like, born in different months.

The title will be......


Lol try to connect the sneak peak from the chapter "my teacher X sneak peak"

And probably guess why there's a saying "Life or death?" and why the title is called "Pills"

Yn is a member of Boystory btw.

Oh and... a member will die (sorry)

He/she will not die from the pills lol. Its sort of medicine.

Lol try to guess the member?? And what the cause of the member's death?

Thats all for the sneak peak! Love y'all ❤😍😂

Thanks for reading btw! Oh and I'll make a sequel of it. The title is sort of science-y and technology-y lol 😂 Okay, no. Its a type of robot. And, its sort if human lol you can go search it in Google the middle letter (wut is middle letter lol jk) of the word is "o" there are 6 letters in all; ______. Don't tell others. Lol. If you finally searched it, and got ___o__, thats going to be the title.

Thanks for reading and sorry for confusing you. Lol.


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