My teacher X sneak peak

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So like, in English class, the teacher asked what we do on our phones and the obvious answers were;

"play games"

"play video games"

"watch youtube"

"listen to songs"

then, she looked at me, (she hates me, Kendal, Lia, Yanna and Rhia) she looked at me with an 'I-know-you-do-the-same-thing look'. and she asked me,

"Ms. _______," she called me by my surname, "What do you do on your phone? Watch BTS?" Then my classmates laughed, I stood up, and shook my head 'no'.

"I'm actually an author, I write stories on Wattpad, I also read a lot of books." I said and I also bragged, my classmates gasped,

"How many readers and votes do you get in your stories, Ms. _______?"

"My stories get to more than 1,000 readers, and, I get 50+ votes in my stories." My classmates gasped and clapped, some didn't and looked at me with an 'I-dont-believe-you' look.

So, I got my phone went to Wattpad and showed them.

They all clapped. But, the teacher still wasn't impressed with me. So, I told her my biggest hit had 4K (Thanks btw!!) and she still wasn't impressed, and since she didn't see how many votes it got, I said,

"Ma'am, if you didn't know, my biggest hit in most of my stories got 4,000. And, I had 200+ votes." I said.

She still wasn't impressed lol and she asked again, "Ms. _______, how many followers do you have in tik tok?"

I was about to answer, but someone joked and yelled,

"0!!!" then, they laughed, I scoffed very loudly so they'd hear and said, "124." then, they stopped laughing, then, she asked me, "Ms. _______, how many followers does Kendal have?"

Someone yelled again, "1!" So, I said loudly "She has 400+" they stopped laughing.

Like.. bruh, is this a game where I have to impress you? Like, uhm... no.

"Ms. _______, you said you were an author, right? And you said you write stories?" She asked, I nodded. "Instead of using wordy phrases like, 'This is so wrong' what do you say?"

She looked at me like if I can't answer like, bitch, why do you think I'm 1/8th American? I always speak English. I read a lot of books. And, I WRITE STORIES TOO. Why do you think I can't answer that? That's such a simple question.

"Say your answer in a complete sentence Ms. _______." She said, of course you say it in a complete sentence, how should I even say it in? Incomplete sentence?

"Instead of using 'This is so wrong' you can use, 'This is erroneous." She said, and asked me how to spell "erroneous"


She said and told me it was wrong. Uhm... bitch, I'm a writer, an author. Why do you think I don't know how to spell such a thing? I even read more books than our geeky class mayor! Like, here is a fact bitch, I can read 6 books in less than 3.30 hours! While she can only do 3 in less than 5 hours.

Like, Mrs. Bitchy face, do you think I'm a slow reader? Like, excuse me, I learn fast (not bragging lol), I can write faster than you Mrs. Bitchy face.

Like.... why do you think I got 91/100 in my English grade? Why do you think I get 40/50 in my performance tasks? Like... uhm.... hell naw, BITCHHH I GOTT 58/60 IN MY EXAMMM. DO YOU THINK THATS NOT ENOUGH MRS. BITCHY FACE?! (Lol sorry)

BDJSJDDKCDJCSNFKCJ I want her to fall into a hole forever then, when there's a flood, she'll drown!! BDJSBDIDJC I hATe tEaCHerS.

Me, Kendal, Lia, Cayle (also), Yanna and Rhia want her to die. Like... die bitch die, you're too old to teach.

I want a fun English teacher T-T

Lol that was a long chapter just for this lol btw, for the new chapter/scenario I'm going to be uploading, here is a little sneak peak lol.
(btw, this > * means its different scenarios in the chapter lol)

"Where are you going you freak?"


"Happy Birthday Vince!!!"


"Life or death?"


"3.. 2..-"


"We're sorry!"


Heheh thats all lol. Guess why I put, "Life or death?" and "3.. 2..-"?

Lol thanks for reading!! Hahhah 😂

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