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Hey, all!

Lovely to see you all. Thank you for giving my stories a chance.

As you might or might not be aware, Knowing Xavier is part of the Paid Stories program. Before you jump to a conclusion, however, please hear me out.

I come from a reality where writing is not considered a serious endeavor. I'm a psychologist by profession and expected to be scientific and not a writer. No one from my real life, friends or family, has ever read my work. Many of them don't even know I write. However, Knowing Xavier is my second story on Wattpad and has received so much love in the past few months of its publishing that when it was invited to a part of the program, I was ecstatic. I still am. I'm truly thankful to Wattpad and even more so to all the incredible people who have supported me and pushed me to become better.

If you wish to support me by buying coins or earning them free by watching ads, I'm truly humbled and honored. If you can't avail either of the options but wish me luck and send kind wishes, that's good enough for me. For those of you who wish to read my stories but can't afford to buy Knowing Xavier, I have several other completed works on my profile that you can check out for free.

Knowing Xavier is the first of my True Stories which are based largely on the people I meet in my profession. Stories #2 (Curing Kyle), #3 (Mending Falls), #4 (Seeing Gray), as well as the spinoff novella (Righting Ryder) are available for free on my profile. My more polished works are 'The Art of Loving A Mess', 'And Then There Was Melody', and 'The Impossible The Possible And The Complicated', as well as ongoing works 'Dead Man's Guide To Suicide', 'Too Bad He Was Colorblind', 'White Lies of a Brown Girl', 'Of Pain & Pleasure', and 'Jade & The Serpent' are also free.

Once again, thank you so much for the love and support. I wouldn't be anywhere without each and every one of you.

Much love.


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