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10. The beginning
Hazel Michelson.

"It's been awhile we've done something like this don't you think?" Ava asked as we walked into the mall.

"I'm only here because my special appointment was cancelled" Scarlet winked, so we already know what that meant.

"Who's the lucky guy?" It's been awhile we've heard a hooking up story from her.

"I don't kiss and tell" She smiled which definitely caught me off guard since when?

"What?" Ava and I immediately stopped in our track. "So do he go to our school?"

"Let's just say he's been out of school for awhile" She smiled, there was no telling what's next when it came onto Scarlet. "Anyways I'll catch up with y'all"

"She literally came here with us, can she do that?" Ava scoffed as we watched her walk away.

"Since when she's into older guys?"

We went into the first store in the hopes of finding a nice gown for the founders day ball for Ava. After the celebration and parade then came the ball that everyone usually looks forward too.

"How about this?" Ava asked as she tried on the second dress she picked out.

"The color isn't doing much for you. Looking like a bottle of peptobismol, bitch if you don't take that off right now" I commented watching her sigh before going in to change.

Every year people were curious to see what I'd be in since they said I always out do myself but I have a feeling I'll be letting down a lot of people this year since I haven't been in a creative place as I was in the previous years.

"Maybe we should try another store" I could tell she was already getting frustrated but that was soon cleared when she got a text assuming it was from Kaleb or maybe Adam I was still confused about the other night.

"Have Cole or Adam decided on what to wear?" I mentally rolled my eyes at the fact that was literally the best I could do.

"Not sure about Cole, but Adam had asked me to help him pick something out" she said maintaining her focus on her phone screen.

"Adam is literally the most fashion forward one amongst us, I'd expect that more from Cole"

"Well, I was a bit surprised too but I'm always happy to help" she shrugged before putting her phone away. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Ava I know" I sighed meeting her confused stare.

"Know what?" She asked absentmindedly, I can't believe she's getting into that character right now.

"You, Kaleb and Adam got some weird thing going on. I found out at the party so save the theatrics and explain to me what the hell is that about"

She held no facial expression, no look of shock nor embarrassment which was starting to throw me off.

"Who else know?" She asked lowly

"Tyler was with me" I admitted.

"Great. Well I'm just trying to save my relationship that's all" she shrugged once more.

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