Chapter 2

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Cyber Bully
~•Nalu FanFiction•~


Chapter 2

Lucy's POV

Little by little I started opening my eyes. I sighed and climbed out of bed

I walked to my closet and pulled out my uniform. The uniform was a white boyfriend shirt with a beige sweater vest. It came with a navy blue suit jacket. Since I was a female sophomore, I wore a gray skirt and a red bow. The freshmen had blue bows, juniors had yellow, and seniors wore green.

Once my outfit was on, I walked into my bathroom and pulled my hair in a messy bun. Then I put on my prescription glasses and grabbed my back pack. As I walked down my hall way to the kitchen, I looked at my family photo hanging on the wall.

"I'm off." I told the picture as if my family was still here. I smiled slightly, looking down and sighing.

~At school~

After dropping off my things in my locker, I walked to class. I quietly was walking to my seat, but I was tripped by someone. I squealed as I hit the floor.

"Clumsy loseer~" the one who tripped me sang, laughing. Everyone laughed as well. My glasses had fallen off and I banged my elbow on the ground. It hurt a lot. I searched around for my glasses. It wasn't all that hard since my vision wasn't extremely blurry.

"Move slut, your in my way" Lisanna came up, stepping on my glasses and breaking the lens. I gasped and quickly grabbed them.

"Oops" Lisanna shrugged, walking away. I sighed, looking down at them. "Great..."

"I don't know if they'd help, but I have a pair of reading glasses. You can wear them for the day, if you'd like." A sweet voice whispered. I looked up to find a blue haired girl smiling down at me. I remembered her from yesterday. Levy, she's in the Library Committee. She was squatted in front of me, holding out a pair of thin wired glasses in her petite hands. She had a warm smile on her face. I felt my face slightly get hot as I sniffled. She leaned down and helped pick up my items.

"Luce, are you ok?" A voice asked, approaching us. I looked up to find Natsu. He set his binder on his desk and grabbed my arm, pulling my body up with ease. I flinched, since he pulled the arm with my injured elbow.

"I hope your elbow is ok. Here, please take this." Levy offered the glasses again as shegave me another smile and set my things on my desk.

My shaky hand went out to retrieve them.

"Th-Thank you..." I told her. She smiled.

"Anytime, Lucy." She beamed before taking her seat.

I stood there with my binder in my hands along with my broken glasses. I sat down next to Natsu then put on the glasses Levy just gave me. I gulped and looked at my broken ones. I wiped away my tears.

"You ok? Who broke your glasses?" Natsu asked.

"L-Lisanna. It's no b-big deal th-though" I said quietly. Natsu gave out an irritated sigh.

"That bitch" he said under his breath. I sniffled then looked out the window.

~Two weeks Later~

Third Period

"Ok class. For the beginning of the year project, you will be doing one based on a mythical creature. For example, A fairy. Or a mermaid. Maybe a dragon. You and one other person will be going some where to do some research on the creature of your liking. The project is due next Tuesday which means you have a bit more than a week to complete it. Now, I'll give you five minutes to choose your partner. After you have your partner, go to either the computer lab or Library" Mrs. Naomi ordered. I sighed and looked around. Everyone already seemed to be pairing up.

I looked around to see if anyone didn't have a partner. That blue haired one didn't, Juvia I think. I planned on asking her but she preoccupied by something already. She was staring. I followed her gaze and it lead to Natsu.

I was confused at first, until I noticed that guy she liked, Gray, was there to.

"Natsu! Wanna be my partner?" Gray asked Natsu.

"No, I already have a partner" Natsu grinned.

"What?! Who?" Gray asked.

"Lucy" Natsu said, pointing to me.

"Who?" He asked. Natsu got up and walked over to me, throwing his arm around my shoulder. My face heated.

"Oh, her. I'm Gray, this idiots best friend." Gray grinned and held out his hand for me to shake. I stared at it, slowly pulling out my hand from my lap.

"I don't bite, you know." He chuckled.

"Juvia does!" Juvia popped up beside Gray, grabbing his arm as she gave me a death glare. I jumped, almost falling back out of my seat. Natsu steadied me back on the ground, laughing.

"Let's go." He laughed, shaking his head. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the library.

"So, what do you wanna do?" He asked after we sat down at a wooden table. The library had a few kids from our class here but other than them, everyone went to the computer lab. Probably to fool around.

"I-I don't know" I stuttered, looking around.

"How about a red Dragon?" He suggested. I nodded my head, looking away from him. He chuckled, making me hide my face in a book. He put down the book and looked into my eyes. I blushed again and tried to grab the book but he grabbed my wrist. Then, Gray and his partner came over.

"So, what are you guys doing?" He asked.

"A red dragon!" Natsu cheered.

"That's it?" Gray asked.

"What do you mean that's it?" The pink haired male began to angrily pout.

"Maybe he means that's it's plain... So w-we could try to make its wings move like its flying." I suggested. Natsu's face lit up.

"That's a good idea, Luce!" He cheered.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked, smiling as I looked at Juvia.

"Juvia's mermaid will be way better than love rival's dragon." She crossed her arms as she looked away. I giggled slightly.

"Challenge accepted!" Natsu grinned. Gray quickly pulled Juvia over so they could get to work.

"Well why don't you come over to my house tonight so we can work on our project." He asked. I gasped. I've never been to anyone's house. No one has ever talked to me. That was until I met Natsu.

"I'll take that as a yes" He chuckled.

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