will you sharpen my pencil?

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awsten had been waiting all his life to find the right sharpener so he can finally get sharpened, all of his friends got sharpened left and right, but not him, he wanted to wait till he found the right sharpener for him. he almost gave into the temptation with a sharper named kellen but he turned out to be in love with a green pencil called m&m, it saddened him but he was able to look past it, him and his other pencil friend viking and headed to the elite club 'sharpenerz' awsten was excited to say to least, he hoped to meet his special sharpener.

they headed inside and awsten caught the attention of an electric sharpener, and he made his way up to the purple pencil. "hi, youre a lovely shade of purple, im travis, what is your name?" the purple pencil managed to turn a deeper shade of purple as he managed to say his name "awsten.."

"awsten? hm what a beautiful name for a beautiful pencil" travis smiled, viking leaned over to awsten and whispered "i think he's the one awsten, so im gonna go mingle with the sharpeners" awsten nodded and turned his attentiom the the sharpener "do you wanna come back to my desk?" travis whispered seductively

awsten choked on his own lead, could travis really be the one? is he finally gonna get sharpened?! without thinking awsten blurted out a yes which brought a smile to the sharpeners face. "lets go then" he said as he used his plug to pull himself out of the club, awsten rolled behind him, they flagged down cab and headed back to travis' desk

when they reached the desk travis immediately plugged himself in, awsten could barely contain himself, he's waited for this for so long, and tonight it would finally happen. "travis, will you sharpen my pencil?" awsten whispered as he rolled closer to him "i thought you'd never ask" he said as awsten suddenly grew tiny hands. awsten slowly lifted the bottom part of himself so that it was facing the entrance of the sharpener and slowly pushed himself inside "oh my god" he moaned as he could feel the wood being chipped away and leaving his lead exposed "you feel so good awsten" travis screamed awsten pulled himself in and out, moaning everytime his lead got sharper, travis couldnt contain himself anymore and pushed awsten up against the wall, pushing him fully inside, awsten screamed with pleasure as he got sharper, suddenly travis stopped sharpening, awsten pulled himself out to find himself extremely short and pointy. "you were so good baby" travis purred as he unplugged himself, he emptied the contents of the pencil and sat in the spot he was supposed to. "im gonna grow back, right?" awsten asked the sharpener. "you should, but at the rate we went it might be a couple days" he replied. the two of them didnt notice geoff standing in the door way "did i just see yall fucking?" he asked the inanimate objects, otto cam rushing into geoffs study to see him with his pants off with the pencil and sharpener in hand. "again geoff? really?" he whisper yelled "what?! i came in here and saw them fucking!"

"you expect me to believe that?"

"yes?! i know i sound crazy but its true!" geoff yelled, he set the objects down and stormed out, otto following close behind
"that was close" awsten whispered to the sharpener "yeah but you should go, i dont want him to get suspicious" he said in a monotoned voice. awsten scoffed and started to roll away. what a waste, travis didnt even say goodnight to him, awsten was destined to get his revenge on him.

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