Stage Twenty-One

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My nails tip and tap against my keyboard with my eyes following each letter on the screen

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My nails tip and tap against my keyboard with my eyes following each letter on the screen. I have a pretty busy day ahead of me. I've got three showings all in different parts of the city. I need to check up on a location I'm having some plumbing done on before I start my magic and finally on this wonderful day ITS MY MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY!! That woman is my all everything I hope to be in life I swear I love my mom so much. With having no father I was very attached to my mom all the way up to my teenage years. Even still during then I would gladly miss out on hanging with friends to be cuddled up with her.

She been my biggest support system when I was working in the club she'd watch gabby for me when ever I needed. On the days work was hard or me she'd just let me cry on her shoulder without any words. I want to give my mom the world hell the universe she deserves all of it plus more!

I made arrangements for a special dinner at her favorite sushi place. It won't be a big party but it's all the ones that love her. My aunts and grandma are coming of course winter she's like her second child. Chase and Hope will be coming as well. She treats that little girl with as much love as she does gabby. After work I'm taking her shopping for her special night.

"Tammy you busy?"

"Just finishing up some emails and getting ready to head out."

"Ok great I just wanted to give you this for your mom tell her happy birthday for me." Sliding me a envelope she walks out.

Gathering my bag phone and folders I head out. This new job is everything! I feel so proud of myself. Of course I owe it all to my mommy I love that woman. It was a not so short not to long trip to the first showing. I made sure to do a walk around to do a last minute check up on things. Setting out some waters and slight snacks I just sat on my phone waiting for my appointment.

"Wow this is amazing! Oh Snooki look a bay window." A squeaky voice echos.

Straightening my dress I put on a nice smile. "Hi are you all the Carpenters?"

"Yes hi I'm mindy and this is my love Arnold." The tiny woman squeezes the older mans face. "And this is our little Amanda coming into this world shortly."

"A very beautiful family and perfect for this home." Leading the way we walk through out the house.

This is a flipped and refurbished home. A beautiful home hell I wish I could afford it. They both seemed to really like it I hope they love it and decide to buy. This would be some serious bank for me.

"Did you do all of the renovating for this place?" Arnold asked coming into the kitchen with me.

"Yes sir."

I watch him nod walking around touching the cabinets and counter top. "Incredible you are...very talented."

"Why thank you. Did you have any questions?" He was coming a little to close for my comfort.

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