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claireshepherd- attempting to convince Stan to give Winter Soldier and Quake their own movie(s)
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username- i love stan ❤️

username- a bucky movie, yes

username- i would be so down for them to have their own movie or one together!!


imsebastianstan- our own movie would be great

chrisevans- can i have a cameo like stan
claireshepherd- no you have your own movies
robertdowneyjr- he isn't as iconic as stan

anthonymackie- as long as im not near you two, im all for this movie

tomhiddleston- thats a movie i could get behind

chrishemsworth- 10/10 would watch

username- but why would they need a movie together?
username- maybe skye is a potential
love interest

markruffalo- ^ who is the one that blabs now?
claireshepherd- they're taking the post out
of context and thats not my fault

username- winterquake?
username- ew

username- if scarlett is for it then so am i

therealstanlee- the future is full of possibilities

username- omg stan!!!

prattprattratt- bucky, skye, and the guardians of the galaxy
claireshepherd- nice try but no

renner4real- i want a cameo
imsebastianstan- clint doesnt even know bucky
renner4real- but he knows skye

frankgrillo- if anyone is making a cameo in this, its me
asherreid- yeah or me
claireshepherd- don't get ahead of yourselves

username- 👀 but why would asher's character from aos appear if he doesnt know bucky or skye
claireshepherd- lets not ask questions that
nobody has answers to

username- answer our questions you cowards!!

hayleyatwell- i want a cameo too!
claireshepherd- anything for you dear
chrisevans- what the heck??

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