Chapter 22

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I was finally able to get rid of these heels. They were literally killing my feet. They came in contact with the cold wooden floor that made me shiver. We just arrived at Pierce's townhouse. I was about to head to bed since I didn't really feel like spending more time with Pierce. The information I heard over dinner had drained me. I didn't even know what to think anymore. It had finally sunk in that he had introduced me to his mother as a "friend".


He called my name that made my insides flutter every time. I had come to love that nickname, by the way. He was the only person that could get away with it. I turned around and waited for him to say something.

"Do you want some hot chocolate? I kind of wanted to wait for midnight." He offered.

"For what?" I was about to snap. I really didn't want to be here right now.

He grinned and said, "Christmas."

My face dropped. I didn't realize Christmas would be tomorrow, rather in a few minutes since it was almost midnight.


Pierce motioned me to follow him into the kitchen. He had prepared two mugs filled with hot chocolate and dropped a few marshmallows into the cup. He handed me the mug and I stood up to take it to the living room. I sat on the couch and Pierce trailed behind as he also sat down beside me.

I noticed that there weren't any Christmas decorations in Pierce's home. He probably didn't have the time. Compared to Deb's home, she had made her home feel really festive. She had an average sized Christmas tree that was surrounded by bright Christmas lights and colorful ornaments of different shapes and sizes. She hung some socks on the fireplace and every corner of the house would remind you of the holiday.

"Is it me or did Santa come early?" I questioned.

"Excuse me?" He had a confused look on his face.

"Your fridge, it's full." I replied.

Pierce chuckled, "Oh. Greta came by earlier this week to stock up some food for us." I nodded in understanding. We fell silent for a few minutes, unable to come up with a topic since all I could think about was 'her'. I wanted to scream that I should be the only one. However, that would make me a psychotic girlfriend or just a psycho would probably be more appropriate since he never asked me to be his. My thoughts were just everywhere right now.

"So listen..." I looked up to his eyes and waited for him to continue. "I couldn't wait until morning but I got you this." He pulled out an envelope and handed it to me.

"What's this?" I recently hated receiving envelopes like these. It may just be a piece of paper but the content would surely shock you. I was quite hesitant to open it but Pierce encouraged me to go on. Taking a deep breath, I tore open the envelope. Huh. It was a post card from Bordeaux, France. The picture was of a vineyard that had a small cottage at the back. It had a really nice view. I flipped the post card over and saw that it was empty. Pierce didn't write anything at the back. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Why would he give me an empty post card? I looked up and saw Pierce smiling. He was expecting me to say something.

I mean it was a thoughtful gift, I must say. I really loved receiving souvenirs from different places. Wilson used to bring me back some small ones every time he had traveled overseas. He knew how I liked simple things so he would just bring back a magnet or something. I should probably start collecting these. This would go great on my fridge back in the apartment with my magnets.

"Thanks." I told him and meant it.

"That's it?" Pierce sounded appalled.

Did I just offend him? I thanked him didn't I? I knitted my eyebrows. "What do you mean?" I was really confused.

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