Friends (lyttlejoe)

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I have found inspiration from everyone who has had the curiosity and confidence to come through the Pub doors, climb up on a stool and share their voice - even if it was only once. The legacy of their words, always available for reflection, is a gift.

I find it awkward to single out those authors with whom I enjoy bantering and commenting regularly, because I'd like to think their is a common friendship across the board.

Having said that there is one special group that have become family to me. The entire gang from Busted Gulch on the sister site, storytellers-saloon. Everyone who was involved from the very, very beginning and all those that remain today, creating the crazy plots and characters that inhabit our imaginary town.

A bond has formed that goes beyond the collaboration; a sense of real life and not just cyber life. We may only connect through typed words but for my part, they have become a haven and I have to thank the existence of the Pub for my introduction to this very select bunch of writers.

                                   (Ə Ə)          May sound sappy but there you have it.     

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