16: Bad Day

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"Violet, wake the hell up!"
I'm startled awake, falling to the floor; I look up to see my mother standing there already walking off. 
"Wha-what happened?"
She turns back around. "Your. Grandpa."
My eyes shoot wide open, adrenaline rushing through my blood. I immediately shoot back up onto my feet, toppling over a bit from the rush. I run over to my mom who is already opening the door to my grandpa's room. First thing I see is my grandma, crying by her side; I can already feel the tears coming to my eyes. I rush to her side, rubbing my hand on my grandma's back. 
"Sh-sh-sh it's going to be okay..." I say, trying not to reveal my voice that's on the verge of breaking
"Benjamen, I- my love..."
I wrap my arm around her fragile old body, both of us kneeling on the floor, sitting by his bed. I look up, his eyes are closed and mouth a bit droopy. His body appears to be pale and blank... like a white canvas. His hands are veiny and without even contact, I can tell that he would be cold to the touch. My mom, my grandma, and I stay over by his bed, sobbing silently.


My alarm startles me awake along with my mother. I slowly rise up from my bed, colliding my head against the roof of the trailer. I wince in pain, gripping my forehead with my hands, groaning. Not a good start to my day... I start to make my way down from my loft. I notice my mom still in bed, eyes somewhat open, cradling my grandma in her arms who looks solemn as she sleeps. 
I put on my purple beanie that now has the "Camp Paya" pin attached to it. "Mom I-
"Just... go to school sweetie."
I nod at her, grabbing an apple and slinging my backpack over my shoulder. I unlock the screen door of my trailer, then opening the actual metal door that leads outside. I begin to walk out of the trailer park, receiving pity looks from neighbors that were already outside. The sun is barely rising, yet clouds cover the sun, making the environment gloomy. I trudge my way to the entrance where my bus stop is, I notice James standing there, clenching onto the strap of his messenger bag.
"I heard what happened. Violet I-
I couldn't control myself, I flung my arms around his waist and sob uncontrollably into his navy blue collared polo. I feel his lanky arms wrap around me, he rubs circles on my back that makes me feel calmer. I pull away, brushing away leftover tears that were still on my face with my flannel sleeve. 
"I... thanks for that James."
He pats my shoulder twice. "Anything Violet... anything."
The bus pulls up and I get my bus pass out of my pocket, scanning it on the machine that greets you when the bus doors first open. I give a faint smile to Ms. Marton who notices my dismay mood, she smiles brightly at me. I plug my earbuds in my phone and press on my Spotify playlist, attempting to drown out my feelings and any other surrounding noises. I gently close my eyes, a tear managing to escape from my eye.


I hop off the bus and make my way to the dance department building, hands in pockets and head down. My earbuds are still plugged in my ears as I reluctantly walk to the building. It's chillier than usual... the freezing breeze blowing directly at me, making my blonde hair flow and my baby hairs hitting the edges of my face. I end up at the building, forcing the door open and making my way to the back of the building. My bus was somewhat late, so I arrived five minutes before the bell rings. I immediately head into the locker room and drop my backpack off by my locker. I place my hands on my lock and start turning.
"35-04-3." I say out loud
My locker doesn't open, I let out a frustrated sigh; I try again.
Locker still doesn't open... I try again.
"35..... 04...... 3!"
The locker doesn't open, I slam my fists against the row of lockers and kick at the bottom, stubbing my toe. The locker flings open, whacking my face with the cold metal. I groan and pull my ballet clothes out of the locker, placing my regular clothes in there along with my backpack. I take out my pointe shoes since we're going to be working on a pointe piece today and tie them. I stand up, putting my hair half-up and half-down then make my way to the actual dance room. I'm immediately greeted by Brody.
"Hey Vi!"
I smile and wave.
"You alright?" 
I gulp and lie. "Yeah."
The bell rings and Ms. Carley waltz in confidently and immediately gets straight to our warm-up exercise. 'Just few more hours and you'll be out of here...'

"Violet, you can do it, come on!" Ms. Carley encourages from the side
I slowly began to get frustrated with myself, prepping in the fourth position (your feet are turned out, one in front of the other. the front foot's heel is in line with the back foot's toes) and rise up to passé (paw-say), immediately falling out of it before I could even rotate. I groan loudly and breathe in and back out... the other girls can see there's something wrong with me.
"Okay, try one more time. I believe in you!"
My blood begins to boil, rising to the veins and pressing against my pale skin. I get even more frustrated at myself as I adjust my preparation for the pirouette (peer-o-eht). I let out a frustrated breath and turn, I feel my ankle starting to wobble to the side.
My eyes shoot open as I scream in pain, holding my ankle.

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