I'll Text You After School

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»Michael's POV«

     "¡Hola, mi amor!" Jeremy teased, smiling so wide as I sat next to him at lunch. He opened his paper bag and tossed me a sandwich.

     "Pft, what the fuck does that mean?" I laugh, a confused smile across my face. I open the zip lock bag and slowly take out the sandwich, examining it, then taking a bite. Jeremy let out an over dramatic gasp,

"Michael! It's basic Spanish! Everyone knows what that means! I know what that means!"

"Well, I'm not mexican," I simply reply, placing my hand over my mouth so he doesn't have to see me chew. People seriously need to learn to do that, no one wants to see the food in your mouth. He looks annoyed now,

"Neither am I, I still know what it means, I was trying to tease you, it's not funny when you don't understand."

     "What is it, an insult? Did you just call me a bitch?" I laugh and put down the sandwich.

     "Nooooo," he smirks.

     "What did you call me then?" I smile nervously.

     "That's for me to know, and you to find out," he states, pausing for a moment before smirking at me again, "mi amor."

     "Would you stop calling me that!" I look away from him and take another bite of my sandwich. He just giggles.

     "Hey guys!" A cheery voice says, I look in front of me and there's Christine, a huge smile painted across her face.

     "Hey, Christine, what brings you here?" I say a lot ruder than I intended. Damn, I don't even hate her, I'd go as far as to say she's a really close friend. Sure, not as close as me and Jeremy, but still pretty close. Heck, she's our player three. Why does seeing her now make me so upset and love sick?

     "You guys looked like you were having fun, what were you talking about?" Despite my rude tone, her smile doesn't fade and her voice is still happier than ever.

     "Jeremy's calling me weird things I don't understand," I reply, looking at Jeremy unsure, he's fighting the urge to burst out laughing, I can tell.

     "What'd you call him?" She turns her head and looks at Jeremy. He takes a couple deep breaths to calm himself and simply replies to her question.

    "Mi amor."

     Now she's the one about to burst out laughing, "Wait, you don't know what that means?"

     Now I'm just annoyed, "No, can someone please tell me!?"

     Christine opens her mouth to say something but Jeremy interrupts her,

     "Don't tell him!" He laughs. Christine just gives him a smile and the bells rings. Damn, time flies when you're with your friends. I quickly eat my food and throw away my trash. I look at Christine and she makes a texting motion with her hands, mouthing the words 'I'll text it to you after school' I give her a thumbs up and smile at her.

     Christine isn't really that bad, I can see how Jeremy likes her. She's kinda cute, and she's really optimistic, perfect for Jeremy.

     I sigh and head to class.

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