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Izuku's POV

My necklace has been loose since I was four. I know my soulmate is Kacchan and I do know that he doesn't know I am his soulmate. It makes me sad that he doesn't know but yet I am happy because I know he would hate that I am his soulmate.

Today is the first day in the dorms of UA. Excellent right well nope because Uraraka made us all do truth or dare. I have a feeling she will make some of us say if we know who is our soulmate if so tell. Don't get me wrong but I love kacchan but I know for a fact he dose not love me back. That may change once he knows I am his soulmate maybe.

Bakugou's POV

Damn round face for forcing me to play truth or dare. Well I hope I don't get a dare to kiss the damn nerd. I know he is my soulmate but I don't think he knows I do. Agh why am I thinking about this yes I will admit it I like him but I think I should tell him.

Uraraka POV

I will make ever one who knows their soulmate will get together after this game. I don't know who is Bakugou's and Deku-kun soulmate is but that won't stop me.

Izuku's POV

I hear a knock on my door. I open it to see my soulmate/crush in font of it.

I: hi kacchan what are you doing here
B: I need to tell you something nerd
I:ok come in then I guess
B:*walks in*
I: *close door* so why are you here
B: I know you are my soulmate and I don't know if you knew I did or not
I: well I did know we were soulmates but what dose this have you doing here *gets pushed to a wall and getting trapped*
B: because I am now feeling sorry for what I did to you when we where younger
I: I forgive you but I know you don't like me
B: will this prove you wrong *kisses Izu*
I: *kisses back and deepened it*
B:*slowly pulled away* dose that give you proof that I lik- no love you
I: yes it dose and kacchan
I: I love you
B:love you too now will you be my boyfriend
I:of course kacchan and wait dose this mean we can take off the necklaces now since we-
B: yes it dose but we won't do that yet right
I: yes but should we before the game
B: yes and we will put them in eachother pockets until we are ready to show them
I: great idea kacchan now I want to cuddle until then
B: alright Izu
End talking

So we cuddled and it felt like we could be in eachother embrace forever but that can't happen. Before we cuddled it was about ten hours until the game since it was only nine in the morning. We feel sleep.

Uaraka POV

U: Iida have you seen Deku-kun anywhere
Iida: no I haven't why do you ask
U: well he isn't answering his phone and I haven't seen him since seven
Kiri: now that you say that I can't get a hold of bakubro and last saw him in the hallway at 8:30
U: hmm was anything off about him
Kiri: yes he was mumbling about what is he told his soulmate about something
U: did you see where he was going
Kiri:no I don't
Iida: maybe the two are together making things work out for later
U:I hope Bakugou don't kill Deku-kun

No one POV

After awhile they got inpatient and now it is noon with no sign from either of the two boys. Eveyone got worried and went to bakugou's room and knock but was no answer. Kirishima after awhile for the knock but no answer picked the look. They saw no bakugou in the room so they thought he was somewhere else.

It was now 12:30 and they got to Izuku's room and knock no answer. They knew not to pick the look but they don't hear anything. They gave up for the moment so they went to eat lunch.

Izuku's POV

I heard a knock but I did not budge to move I was in a calm embrace. I smiled and hugged kacchan a little harder.

B: hey babe want to eat
I:no I am fine I am just so comfortable by your side
B:ok but we will have to eat soon
I:I know and kacchan I love you
B:I love you to nerd
Not talking

We finally it was time to eat but I didn't have the encouragement to do so but when we got down to the living room.

U:oh their you are we were worried that Bakugou killed you
Izu:no he didn't if you can clearly see
Kiri: where were you bakubro
B: I was busy doing things shitty hair
Kiri: ok just wondering

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