Moments: Road Trip Part 1

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A creek startles me awake early Friday morning and I lift my head off the pillow I'm sharing with Olivia and look around my room. Courtney and Quinn are snoring away on the extra mattress set up on the floor. Tessa is standing quietly next to my bed on Olivia's side and I nearly scream.

"Don't scream," Tessa hisses, her eyes watching Olivia to see if she wakes up.

I brush a stray clump of hair out of my face and squint up at her, "What are you doing?" I mumble, having trouble focusing on her figure.

She lifts up a jug of water with a bright smile, "It's payback time." She grins devilishly.

"Not on my bed," I sit up sharply suddenly a lot more awake and glare at her.

Tessa scoffs, raising the jug over Olivia. "Relax, you're not going to be using it for the next week anyway."

"Why can't you be the bigger person for once?" I ask in exasperation.

She cocks an eyebrow, "I'm already the taller person, I cannot be the metaphorical bigger person too. Now, either move or you'll be in the splash zone." Olivia groans making Tessa panic and pour the jug of water on Olivia before she can wake up.

I squeal loudly, most likely waking up the others. Olivia shoots out of bed, water flying everywhere as she splutters. Her eyes are blazing as she glares at the wet spot where she was just peacefully sleeping.

Her head jerks up and zero in on Tessa, who stands there with a proud smirk on her face. "Morning Liv, have a good sleep?"

Courtney and Quinn are sitting up on the mattress laid out on the floor with confused sleepy expressions on their faces.

"You little-." Olivia yells lunging for Tessa. Tessa dodges out of the way, jumping over Quinn who curled into a fetal position to not get trampled.

"Oh come on, it's too early for this shit," Courtney yells out smacking Olivia's leg as she trips over the mattress. Tessa climbs over my wet bed and dashes out of my bedroom down the hall. Olivia chases after her, slipping on the hardwood floor.

Quinn's head peeks from the edge of my bed, "What's the time?"

I look at my alarm clock and groan, "8am." Courtney groans loudly and dramatically falls on the bed.

"Hey, hey! Get out of my room!" Sebastian's muffled voice comes through the walls and I smile a little. They love torturing him. I hear a girlish squeal and I honestly can't tell if it was one of the girls or Sebastian.

"Why is everyone yelling?" Sophie yells from the hallway.

"Tessa started it!" Olivia complains, and I can hear her footsteps coming closer.

"Zip it all of you!" Mom shouts at us from down the hallway where their bedroom is. "God, one morning that is all I ask. One freaking morning without all of you pissing me off!" She slams her bedroom door grumbling all the way down the stairs towards the kitchen.

"Sorry mom," I cringe at the 'humph' she gives me in reply.

"Kiss ass," Tessa says walking past my bedroom towards her own.

"Okay, so I rate we go downstairs in like twenty minutes after she's had a least a whole cup of coffee, she'll be in a better mood then."

Sophie leans against my doorway, "You know how she gets when dad has to go away on business." I nod my head. Olivia walks to my closet and pulls out a towel, running it through her hair. "And you girls are leaving today, so that could add to the stress," Sophie shrugs.

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