Chäpter Twënty-Sëvën

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^^Cayden ^^

Evangeline's P.O.V

I froze beneath Dominic's grip, my face blanching of any color it had a few moments ago.


Only one person called me Angel.


I slowly turned to see him walking up the path, his chest still bare and his leather pants the only thing clothing him. I felt heat creep up onto my cheeks...and between my legs. Why did he have to look so good?

He looked over at me with his shocking blue orbs before turning to face Dominic. His brother. Oh my gods. I'd kissed both of them.

"Dominic. What are you doing here?"
The question was firm, one of command and barely retrained anger. Dominic raised an eyebrow and pushed me behind his body protectively, as if Cayden would really harm me.

Cayden growled warningly, his stance shifting into a threatening one. Dominic's brows furrowed before he glanced back at me. " there something I need to know?"

I froze behind him, torn between hiding behind Dominic and moving towards Cayden.

I decided to just look up and gape like a fish.


"Yes." He replied simultaneously, his eyes flickering between blue and silver in the firelight.
They we're really pretty when they did that...

I shook my head and was tempted to walk back down to the river to snap myself out of my current state. What was wrong with me?

I looked over to Cayden with alarm in my eyes, my body tense.

He met my gaze with determination before his nostrils flared and his hands suddenly clenched by his sides. His eyes bored into mine and another growl escaped his lips.

"Angel, come over here...please."

I looked him up and down and balled my hands together. What was wrong with him?

I started towards him but was caught by Dominic's hands once more. His grip was firm on the top of my arms and he spun me to face him in record speed, before he planted his lips on mine in a chaste kiss. His lips molded to mine, but it didn't feel passionate; more like it was simply a show for an audience.

Shock pushed it's way into my brain before I put my hands against his chest to try and push him away. I didn't get the chance to even try and extend my limbs though before an earth shattering growl rumbled my eardrums and Dominic was shoved away from me in a whirlwind if movement.

His body did a weird an painful looking twist in the air before he slammed against the farthest oak tree next to the fire.

The branches swayed along with the impact and I winced before looking at Cayden incredulously. He was standing right in front of me, his body turned to face his brother in what seemed to be a furious stupor. I actually found myself worried for Dominic's health.

"Prince Cayden!"

I turned to see Faith running from the trees, her bow slung across her chest and her hair twirled into a bun on top of her head, her eyes wide with recognition. Her face was covered in shock before she looked down to see Dominic rolling to his feet with not so much as a grimace on his face.

"I just...I had to make sure. And my suspicions were correct."
He stated matter of factly, his hands dusting off a few stray leaves clinging to his tunic before facing Cayden with a glare. "What are you doing here, other than for your mate of course."

My brows furrowed as Faith rushed to my side, her arm wrapping with mine while we huddled together away from them. We both looked between the two boys, our eyes widened.

Cayden's jaw locked and he took a dangerous step towards his brother. "That is none of your concern. And don't touch her again. She's mine, and you know damn well why. Just because your my brother, doesn't mean I'll tolerate you. Or let you live," he stated, his eyes darkening with each word. "You know I can kill you brother, we've had these experiences in the past have we not?"

I watched as Dominic and Cayden stood toe to toe, their height nearly identical and there stature the same as well. They both looked like they were seconds away from tearing each other apart.

But I couldn't help my thought process.

His? I know that we had kissed a few times and maybe a little bit more, but I was nowhere near his. I wasn't a simple possession that he owned.

Anger sparked in my veins but I didn't act on it; the brothers seems too preoccupied to worry about me right now.

"Don't speak of me in such a way when you're the one who had our mother killed!" Dominic spat, his chest huffing with anger.

Cayden stood there and I watched as his face completely blanched, the color leaving his face. My stomach suddenly felt sick and I leaned over, my arms pressed to my abdomen. Faith stood beside me and supported me. "Eva? Are you alright?"

I nodded and struggled to stand. I needed to hear what they were talking about.

Cayden's hand shot out and held Domincs throat before slamming him against the tree across from him. He didn't flinch; Cayden leaned closer to him and stared him in the eyes with intense hatred, his pupils growing to the size of his iris.

"You know thats not true." The words were pained and furious, the sound of a cracking heart filling the silent woods.

Pity struck up inside me along with my fading anger, my heart aching for the two. I didn't know their mother had died.

Dominic clasped at Cayden's hand around his throat and sent a glare towards his brother before he clamped down on his wrist with fire skimming along his skin. Cayden winced but only squeezed tighter; as did Dominic.

I was shouting for them to stop, but Faith was holding me away from he boys, claiming it dangerous to interfere. But I couldn't simply watch as one of my only friends was nearly killed and the boy I felt a severe connection to get burnt alive.

Faith's arms wrapped my waist as neither if the two decided to give in. I could see Cayden's skin boiling and peeling while Dominic's esophagus was nearly snapped in two.

But I also noticed how neither was killing the other. Dominic could've set him aflame just as quickly as Cayden could've snapped his neck. Each one was refraining if killing the other, but neither was refraining from nearly completeing the task.

I threw out my hand, my fingers outstretched and my mind only set on separating the two as my eyes squeezed closed.

An invisible wave shot out from my fingertips, pure power throwing itself between the two, sending Cayden flying backwards and Dominics slumping against the dirt.

I inhaled some breath when I saw them separated and safe, but the safety wasn't for long.

It only took seconds for the sound of clanking armour and the shouting of men to send all of us towards the horses at record speed. Everything but ourselves being forgotten,
I swung myself onto Arion while Faith and Dominic took Apollo. I had started pushing Arion forward when Cayden had suddenly slung himself gracefully over the horses back and slid up behind me before reaching around my waist and taking the reigns. I gasped as he saddled up closer behind me, the length of his body pressed against me in a shocking ecstasy. But I pushed that away. We were seconds from being kidnapped.

In mere moments, Cayden and Dominic had us flying side by side through the night, with my guards not far behind.


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