The Factory Girl Q&A!

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Hey everyone and welcome to The Factory Girl Q&A page! Here I will be answering any questions you might have regarding the book! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or on the page before!

Without further or do, here are some Questions and Answers from you!


Q. Asked by ALDNoahVampyr: 'Will Rosie be able to get some education in reading and writing, as it would help with her servant duties?'

A. Yes. The whole idea of Rosie going to Doctor Ealing's office ones a week, or every two weeks, is to improve her reading and writing skills whilst also assisting Doctor Ealing. Robert will also be on hand to help her out, but I'm saying nothing more than that.


Q. Asked by bethanypayne: 'Do her and Robert fall in love and get married?'

A. You'll have to stick around and find out!


Q. Asked by SophiaShawky: 'Do you plan on introducing some of Rosie's family/background story more in the next book? And if so, where do you see the next book going in terms of plot?'

A. I can't say too much in response to this one because it would spoil the second book, but I am planning on introducing Rosie's brothers and toying with the idea of bringing in her father. As for the plot, you'll have to wait and see!


Q. Asked by RainbowK09876 'What inspired you to write a book in this genre?'

A. A question I can answer without fear of spoiling! I have always wanted to write something Victorian after I fell in love with a British Tv show when I was a kid. It only ran for one season, but I loved the concept of doing something related to the Victorian era but I was always leaning towards ghosts (since that's what the program was about) only my Paranormal writing skill isn't great. Last year I got into writing more Historical related topics and thought I would try and delve back into the world of Victorian if I could get an idea. This book is actually a combination of two separate ideas!

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