Chapter 8

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The girls spent an almost sleepless night discussing a plan about how to make Middle Point stop putting them down or, in turn, shading them.

A new day has since come and they're having breakfast in peace, but they're interrupted by a frantic Braulia reaching their table.

Braulia: Girls, we have a problem!

Sana: You have a problem, Bradley.

Braulia: It's Braulia. What have I done wrong to you to see my name distorted? Oh, never mind. You have ten minutes to get ready! Quick!

Dahyun: (yawns) What?

Jihyo: Can you at least explain what the hell is going on?

Braulia: There's no time for explanation now. Go back upstairs, change and come back here within ten minutes. Now!

The girls rush upstairs to change into something presentable. As they try to do their make-up, however, nine minutes have already passed.

Nayeon: We're going to be late! Quick! Let's go back to the main hall!

They finally reach it, only to find an impatient Braulia and two cameramen by her side.

Braulia: Come on, it's late! Let's go!

The girls are ushered out of the hotel and told to get on a mini van, followed by Braulia and the cameramen.

Nayeon: More cameras? Again?

Braulia: It's for a good reason.

Mina: But why?

Braulia: Let's say it's a surprise...

Dahyun: I like surprises!

Chaeyoung: I think it's a trap, instead. (To Braulia) Why should we trust you, anyway?

Braulia: Because, I promise, you'll like it.

The mini van heads to a large area where grey buildings and a tall iron gate clash with the sights of the beach.

At last, the van passes the gate and parks by one of the buildings.

Braulia: Here we are. Now, follow us.

The group follows Braulia and one of the cameramen towards the building signed as "4". The other cameraman trails behind them, filming them.

Tzuyu: Are you filming me, you creep?

Cameraman #1: That's my job, lady.

Tzuyu: Stop pointing the camera at me, then!

Braulia: Okay, girls, we're finally here.

Jihyo: What's this place?

Braulia: Just come in. You'll find it out in a moment.

Again, the girls follow Braulia, this time heading into the building. They look surprised that there are security agents, neither of whom, however, looks threatening.

However, as they pass the agents and another door, they're met by a group of producers who keep barking orders at them and push them towards what seems to be a TV studio. It's decorated with a large wooden desk and three orange couches.

The host, Polly Burks, is smiling nervously while still going through her lines. She hopes that her guest aren't going to wreck havoc once again, since she fears her ratings might drop drastically.

Instead of joining the rest in the so-called studio, Braulia stays at the sidelines. She won't be an active part of today's show, unless specifically asked. The only thing she wants is to have TWICE protect their own reputation from Middle Point's attacks and, in particular, from nasty rumors.

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