My Love for you

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Pragya is shown reading the book, Abhi and Kiara is shown sleeping and snoring disturbing her.. She looks at them.. Both are lying in the same position where their one leg rests on the knee of the other...
She looks at both Abhi and Kiara.. Who are similar in every things.. She has seen so far..  She kissed Kiara's forehead.. She switches off the light and she lies next to kiara..

Kiara put a hand on Pragya's hip.. Followed by Abhi.. He holds Pragya's back.. Kiara is hugging her mom.. Abhi is hugging his family.. Abhi and Pragya's faces close to each other..
Pragya got uneven breath looking at Abhi closer.. She tries to remove his hands.. That time.. She heard Abhi is mumbling something in sleep..

Abhi: please Pragya... Don't leave me.. I really love you.. I'm sorry... Please don't leave me...

Pragya's heart melted a little bit.. She remembered her first meet with him at the icecream shop.. Then... concert..  messenger chat with him... when he saved her from the goons.. When he cried for her at her missing at the mall... Times she spent with him... And Kiara.. She smiles...

Pragya in mind: Nothing in my life will happen without my God's wish.. Why can't i accept him.. (Smiles)

Suddenly she remembered Nikhil.. She got tears.. She removes his hands from her hip... She looked at Abhi.. His innocent face made her go out of fear...  She wipes her tears.. She holds his hand near to her cheek .. And sleeps...peacefully for the first time in her life that someone is there for her.. Who will stand for her when she is alone.. Who will uplift her when she's fallen.. Who will take care of Kiara, if she's no more tomorrow..

Morning Arises,
Its 5, time for Pragya's jogging... She opens her eyes and smiles seeing Abhi.. She thought to irritate him.. She wakes up him.. When he's about to shout, pragya closes his mouth with her palm.. Abhi got frozen seeing Pragya.. His and her heart beats faster.. She takes off her hands.. Abhi holds her hand...
He gets up and asks her whether she needs anything.. Quietly...

Pragya: will you come for jogging with me?

Abhi looks at the window.. Which is still dark.. She looks at his watch.. Its 5.. He pouts sadly.. Pragya controls her smile...

Pragya:  its ok.. I will go myself.. I just thought to ask you.. (Turns)

Pragya in mind: by this time yoy should have called me.. Right.. 1..2..3..

Abhi: Pragya..(stops in the midway)

Abhi in mind: i should spend some time with her to solve these issues..

Abhi: wait... I will get freshen up and come..

Pragya: ok... (She didn't expect thst he would come with her, she just tried to irritate him..)

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