Reid's Punishment

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In hindsight, what Reid Cathwell did last week wasn't that big of a thing, right? Apparently being naked and running down the street yelling “The birdmen are coming!” is frowned up, and oh, it was around two in the night (morning?) and the neighbours weren't happy about being woken up by a drunk underage teen. But what if the birdmen were actually coming? Wouldn't they thank Reid then? Waking up with the worst hangover was bad enough, he had to do community service because some jerk had decided to call the cops on the party and had refused to back down from pressing the charges (thanks Mr. Lee) and now, Reid was stuck with doing hours of community service and volunteering a pet shop that was located halfway across the town.

The animal cages stinked most times and he had to scrub it away until the smell of puke or poop, sometimes both, would go away. Ah, the joys of living. He didn't put up a fight about his punishment since he knew he was wrong. He'd be an idiot if he didn't know that. He'd be dumber than Greg who had given him the dare. Maybe, drunk Reid's IQ drops down considerably because he should know that Greg— who barely has any good ideas while he is sober— would definitely have really bad ideas when he's drunk. But apparently being drunk meant Reid idolised someone as idiotic as Greg.

His friends— Simon and Oliver hadn't said a word or tried stopping him even though they weren't drunk, instead, they chose to revel in Reid's drunkenness and his stupidity around this inebriated state.

It is funny though, Simon had barely contained his snickers, it's funny watching you run around screaming that.

Are you sure you aren't gay? Oliver had sassed Simon, you seemed to have way too much fun watching him ruin around naked.

Look who's talking, Reid had thought bitterly still half awake and annoyed at the people who had interrupted his sleep. He sighed and wondered when these two would realise they were in love with each other and get married. They squabbled for a few minutes and Reid threatened to kill them in graphic ways until they had to stop and leave the room to talk to Mrs. Cathwell, the mother of the miscreant who seemed to be on the verge of killing someone.

He wasn't sure what he had done wrong because he had just woken up and then the reality came crashing down on him just as the headache did. The Summer of '17 was supposed to be glorious full of pool parties, girls and awesomeness. At least that's what Reid Cathwell envisioned it would be like but just his luck, he's stuck volunteering at pet shop all because of a tiny mistake (okay, maybe, running naked down the street yelling intelligible shit was a big deal.  But it was because of a dare.)

Reid scrubbed the cage of the little monster, also known as Chip the hamster who seemed to have a personal vendetta against him. Chip was an absolute darling to all the other employees (most of who happened to be really good looking females) while he chose to treat Reid badly for some unknown reason. Maybe, Chip had heard about the beginning of the summer party incident. Reid swore chip looked at him when the girls petted him. Chip looked at him smugly while he pretended to be cute and Reid scoffed and scrubbed the cage harder.

“So, the birdmen are coming?” Xena the smirky girl who worked there asked Reid obviously, smirking.

It had been a week yet no one seemed to have trouble making fun of him for that and he seemed to be tending worldwide thanks to a video that Simon had made.

“Shut it, Xena.”

She snickered obviously deeming this the most amusing thing ever. He was to die without ever getting laid. Everyone had seen the video. No one would ever want to be near him. Or, they would have seen how big his— you know what was and maybe that would do wonders for his status. At least, he wouldn't die a virgin like Simon or Oliver.

“I gotta tell you, though.” Xena slowly ran her fingers on Chip and he practically purred at her attention, “Took some guts to run down screaming that naked. I applaud you.”

He scoffed. More than half of the teen population was dumb enough to do idiotic shit just because they were dared. It wasn't any different what he had done. He was going to be a senior, his high school experience would end this year and he wanted to enjoy the summer as much as he could. Ha, what a joke. Apparently, he enjoyed a little too much.

Reid envisioned this summer to be jolly and downright fun. He expected himself to bask in the attention of bikini clad gals who showered him with praises about, oh, you're so witty Reid. But apparently, being surrounded by this was his summer. Oh well.

“Don't sulk.” Connie, a friend of Xena chuckled, “How can you sulk when you are surrounded with cute animals?”

“Did you mean you two when you said cute animals?” Reid muttered, “I don't see any other animals here.”

“Aww, wittle Reid is angry.” Xena cooed and nudged him by the shoulder, giving Chip to Connie and he seemed happy to be in the purple haired girl's hands while Reid smiled.

“Don't look so glum, Reid.” Connie tried to appease him, “Maybe, this summer will bring you happiness and maybe, something is bound to happen. Everything happens for a reason, you know?”

“Please don't start on your philosophical crap, please, Con.”

Xena and Connie were juniors, a year younger than him and they were perpetually a lot cooler, he had noticed.

Reid had imagined all kinds of glorious happening to happen to him, this summer. Of course, they wouldn't have happened even if he hadn't been punished because Reid wasn't cool enough for such shit to happen. He had imagined quite unlikely things but what he hadn't known was that he'd be stuck with two unrequited crushes this summer.

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