Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate

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Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate

*Ari's P.O.V*

-Two weeks ago-

        My name's Ari Banks. My life's been really hard. I've had things happen to me that would make your hair curl. But I'm hoping my luck is about to change.

I'm sitting here in this waiting room, going absolutely crazy. What if they didn't like it? What if the hated it so much they went deaf? Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. 'Holy shit Ari. Control yourself! Be strong or your gonna lose your breakfast.' Okay deep breaths.

        While my mind was racing, I hadn't noticed my little brother come over to me. I glanced at him. Leo. He had his arms out indication he wanted me to pick him up. I obediently did, and hugged him close to my chest. He instantly calmed me down as I pressed my face into his silky jet black hair.

        This is how it's always been. Ever since the "incident" where I lost my parents. I would barely eat, talk, sleep, or sing like I used to. Until one day Leo snuck into my room. He was two at the time. He caught me doing something that will probably be ingrained in him forever. I was cutting. He looked up at me and said his first sentence ever. He said "Awi, I love yew". That day changed my life forever.

        I admit that I still do it. I just make sure it's always covered with make up. After Leo caught me that time, he would come into my room, roll my sleeves up and look for cuts. I tried covering them up with wrist bands and wearing long shirts more but it never worked. So I had to resort to makeup. Although, if it wasn't for Leo, I probably would've taken myself out of this world by now.

                As I look at him now, I see the most beautiful five year old in history. He has the same tossed black hair, high cheek bones, and cute little button nose as me. Unlike my gray eyes his are violet. Like I said, he's adorable.

        I'm still holding him like this when the audition room loudly opens. My head snaps up so hard it hurts my neck but I pay it no attention. All my attention is now on Mr. Reece. He looks at me with a smile. Mr. Reece is the producer for Strike Records. He's also a big time manger.

        "Congratulations, Mr. Banks they picked you demo. We are sending you to Hollywood immediately. And I will be your manager." He said smiling.

        "Thank you so much sir. You have no idea what this means to me." I said shaking his hand.

         I looked over to Leo. I picked him up in my arms, swinging him around in circles. "Time for a new start, buddy." I whispered, kissing him forehead.

-Present day in Hollywood-

        I lay down on my towel next to Leo and Zane. I've been here for about two weeks now. I look around me.

        'God this beach is amazing'.  It has pure white sand that can blind you when the sun hits it just right. All you smell is the wonderful smell of home cookouts, clear blue salt water rimed with foam, and only members are aloud.

        I've even found my own thinking place. Know one knows about it. Not even Zane or Leo. It has become my quiet place. It's hidden away, covered up with palm trees and vines. It has an amazing water fall and the clearest water you've ever seen. It's simply amazing. It's my place away from the world.

 I've become cocky and kind of a jerk. I know how this town is and that's the only way you can make it. Plus it keeps everyone from finding out about my past.

        Zane is my roommate, and in the little time I've been here, he's already become my best friend. He has black hair with red streaks, a short face, and some piercings.

After a few minutes of silence Zane asked about our past. I hesitated but Leo didn't. He started explaining about our life before I could do anything to stop him.

I've told him everything about before he was born. He may be five but he has the mind of a ten year old, sometimes older. Zane laid there taking it all in with a blank expression on his face.

When Leo was done he jumped up and announced he was going to go build a sand castle. I sat there waiting for Zane to say that he would never want a friend as messed up as me. I put my hand in my hands.

        I could feel Zane's gaze on me.  Suddenly, I felt a hand on my back. I look up at him with tears in my eyes.

        He looked at me with sadness in his eyes, and said "Dude, it's the past. Someday you'll find someone that won't care about any of that and will help you through this." He smiled at me.

In a town like this? Yeah that's really gonna happen. Note the sarcasm.

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