Ptostasía Chap. 1 & 2

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Chap. 1 

Prostasía - the Greek word for protection - is what he gave me before he left. My old boyfriend, Tristan had given it to me. He's never left my dreams since the day exactly one year ago when he left, leaving town and never bothering to call or contact me in any way since. The only thing he left me was a note. 

'Evilyn - please don't forget me. You know I love you! I'll come back for you. This is Prostasía. It will stop other vampires from feeding from you. Please keep it on you at all times - I can't let anything hurt you. 

Love Tristan.                                                                   <3' 

There was a little heart at the bottom. I always kept this note in the gold locket I always wore. What he'd given me was a ring. It was gold and there was what appeared to be a glass band woven in with the string if gold. In this band was the Prostasía. 

Your probably asking yourself what I'm talking about. If I'm insane. Some would definately say yes. Others would shrug, and yet others would say no. 

And vampires? Yes, they're real. 

I closed my diary and turned off the light early. It was 10:00 pm and the first day of school was waitig for me in the morning. The first day is never the best, so the more sleep I ended up getting the better. 

Shower finished, I dried my mid-back length black hair. It fell straight over my thin black leather jacket. I was wearing a navy blue long sleeved v-neck shirt with a yellow scarf. My gold locket fell under it, and you could see it clearly. After donning fading skinny jeans, I pulled on black four inch heels and grabbed my backpack. 

With my diary tucked safely in my backpack, I grabbed my keys to drive to school when my dad stopped me. 

"Home by ten." he sniffed and turnned back to his paper. 

"Uhkay." I sighed. He never really talked to me since Mom died. And only I knew what had really happened. She had invited a vampire into our home. It killed her, then Tristan killed it before it could get to me. The poliece ended up finding Mom's body in the back yard and concluded that it had been an animal. The hard thing was knowing the truth and not being able to say a thing to anyone. 

I parked in the school parking lot five minutes after leaving the house. I tossed the keys absent mindedly into my bag and took a deep, steadying breath. This is it - I'm back at school. When Mom died I hadn't come back for the remainder of the school year. What would people say? I shook off the doubt and opened the door. 

"EVILYN!" my friend Niki saw me and shreiked my name. Thank god we were both outside. 

"Hey, Nik." she suffocated me with a bear hug and examined my face. 

"Nice tan." she smiled kindly. It was a nice golden brown now. I smiled back at her. 

"Thanks. I have to go get my schedual so I'll see you later." I hugged her one last time and walked into the large brick building. 

The secratary handed me a stack of papers and I found my schedual on the top. The bell rang over my head, and the tone left the echo of the sound stuck in my head even after the noise stopped. 

"Okay," I muttered to myself, looking at the seating chart. "Middle row, very end. Gottcha." I found my seat next to the window and sat down. There were three new students in my first period class. Two were sisters who had just moved here - they were Korean. And then I saw the third as he came through the classroom door. He was tall, wearing fitted jeans and a black leather jacket over a white t-shirt. He had green emrald colored eyes that shone intensly when he gave me a perfect smile. I smiled back. 

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