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The next day, Kayden saw Josie walk in with an angry Lizzie. Kayden ran over to Josie and hugged her tightly. She was still freaked about seeing her dead body in that dream. "Woah this is new. I thought you hate-"

"Shush don't speak. Because it'll ruin it." Kayden whispered and just continued to hug the girl who eventually hugged her back. She teared up a bit clinging tighter to her. Josie hugged her back smiling gently.

"I missed you too." Josie giggled softly as Kayden just kissed her head. "Kayden I'm so sorry for what I did. I know I betrayed you horrifically and I swear it wasn't my intentions. I didn't even realize it." She whispered.

"Its okay. I was being a bit of a bitch to you about it. I was just... I really like you Josie. And hearing that from you kind of just hurt like hell." She mumbled softly and Josie leaned forward and kissed Kayden softly. After a few seconds Josie pulled away while Kayden gave a soft smile.

"I like you too. Alot. And what I did that day was a really big regret. I'm sorry." She whispered and Kayden kissed her again softly. The ring glowing and the two pulled away as the light died down. "What is that?" She asked.

"My dad... Long story short during my disappearance I found my old home and my dad left a box of stuff for us. This is one of them." She said "I dont know what it does. It protected me from my dream I had yesterday. Luckily." She mumbled silently looking at Josie. "Have no idea what it does." Josie looked at it and hummed silently before smiling and pecking her lips again.

"You know in the beginning kind of had eyes for your brother. But now," she held Kaydens hands "I want everything with you. To be with you. Hell hound and all." She whispered and Kayden smiled gently "I'll support you every step of the way." She said and Kayden hummed gently "Forgive me?" She asked gently and Kayden smiled before pulling her close and kissing her softly.

"Forgiven." She whispered before kissing the girl again smiling. The two smiled brightly at eachother. With Josie, Kayden felt like she had control.

"Kayden?" Alaric and Warren looked at her and Kayden looked at them before pulling away from Kayden holding her hands before going to Alaric sighing and walking to their office. Hope, Landon, and Rafael stood in the office worriedly and Kayden sat down sighing. "Now. We need the truth. The whole truth. The two years you were missing." He said and Kayden looked at Rafael then looked down.

"Started the night before my disappearance." She mumbled gently "Well... Before that, I was being distant. I had my powers and like usual I had no control over it. Especially when I was angry and Raf was only human at the time. He didn't understand and he didn't like that his twin sister was being distant. Avoiding at all costs. All that jazz." Kayden sighed nervously "We.... That night.." She didn't know how to word it "Rafael was trying to get me to talk to him. To tell him what was going on and I was so afraid so I told him to let go. And we both have a temper. So when one is upset it doesnt take long for the other to follow. So ofcourse you could expect he wasn't too happy about it. And we started arguing rather quickly." She mumbled 

   "Landon tried to stop us from arguing but it resulted in him being thrown back by Rafael. And Raf just said so many hurtful things to out of anger. His judgement was clouded so I slapped him." She looked down "It escalated even more. To the point where Raf was just pushing and hurting me gripping me tightly and I was losing control out of anger and fear so I gripped his arms. It was an accident. I burned him on accident." She saw Rafaels facial expressions change. He looked like he was more upset with himself than at her.

"Seeing the look of horror on the boys face. Was terrifying." She mumbled gently "So... I ran away. I left the house terrified at my actions and then. Then. I met that man. I don't know his name but he took me to Triad. He pulled me into an office and talked me. He didnt tell me what I was he just said 'You havent killed anyone but at the rate you're going. You will and it will only cause trouble'. So he took me to Malivore. He said I didn't have to go if I can learn to control my powers" She explained fiddling with her fingers "By that time Warren was in my head. Telling me not too. But I didn't listen, all I could think about was hurting Rafael. Thats all." She mumbled frowning.

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