Thorki (fem!Loki)

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Thor and Loki are best friends are not brothers. Loki is female. They go to the same school.

Loki looked out of the window and saw Thor sitting in his car waiting for Loki to get in so they could go to school together. They always went to school together ever since they had begun dating.  

This semester they were working on a project together for their psychology class. 

As they had lots of free periods most days of the weeks, they were able to go to the library and work on their project. This meant they had time after school to go on dates and watch movies and eat dominos pizza.

Except, Thor had some different plans for today. He drove past the school and only stopped when they reached the lake on the other side of town. He got out and walked round to Loki's side where he opened the door for her. He took her hand and lead her down to the water.

They sat there for the rest of the day, relaxing in each other's embrace, sharing gentle, loving kisses, until the sun went down, painting the sky with reds, purples, oranges and pinks. Loki yawned and Thor looked down at his girlfriend. Seeing how tired she was, he suggested that they go home. So they did.

I am aware that this is really short and really badly written, but I had no idea what to write and I wanted to post something. I hope you like it angelina3479

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