Epilogue Part 65

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18th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

" Mumma. You are going to have to do something with those two. They are absolutely  impossible. Absolutely incorrigible." Andrea yelled through the house. 

Actually, she more or less bellowed. Very unladylike at that. Her favorite word she likes to use at the moment is absolutely. Absolutely this or absolutely that.

I laughed. I couldn't help it. I knew this would happen. It always does. 

I turned to look at my fifteen year old well developed daughter who barged into the utility room I was currently in as I wiped down the long benches I had been cleaning my equipment in. I didn't realize how well attuned I was with using the one back in Colorado Springs, that I actually copied it for this house as well. Only it was longer and bigger.

Once Oliver firmly told us that he wanted to be int he girls lives as their father, everything went rather smoothly after that. Except for one simple thing that Drew stipulated.

" Just so you know, you are their father. But I am their Daddy." He wouldn't even budge on it either and it nearly came to fisty cuffs with the two of them about that. I knew that there would be a few squirmishes over it so I just left the men to decide how to handle it.

Little did we know that it was the girls who handled it for all of us.

" What have your fathers done this time?" I asked with a sigh.

" Dad just glared and demanded that I go back inside and change. Look what daddy did? Mother, are you looking at me?" She ended up screeching at me as she flapped her arms standing in the doorway.

Yes, little playful Andrea is the screecher in the family. And we all know it.

I turned to see what had her dander up this time and had to tighten my lips together and not laugh when I saw her wearing her daddy's t-shirt over her swimming costume.

" Damn it, Mother. The Dad's are being impossible." My calmer and more sedate daughter said as she approached behind her twin with a towel wrapped around her. One of the very large towels we have.

It was the girls who decided what to call their fathers. Since we live with Drew, they call him daddy. Oliver is either 'father' or just 'Dad' when he is around. The girls learned very early on who was who in their lives. The call Cort Poppa and Deb gets called Granny. 

The kids all needed these grandparents after we lost our own over the past fifteen years.

It was Drew's grandmother who went first when she didn't come down for a usual morning tea with my grandparents one morning. We have no idea what she had been dreaming or thinking about, but when she was found, Nanna had a smile on her face.

That happened just before we all moved over to Kerrville.

" I guess she wanted to stay with her Archie." Gran said to me once just after we buried her next to her husband who had died roughly ten years earlier.

We all rallied around Drew and still give him lots of coddling when we think he is sad over thinking of his grandparents who raised him after his own parents had died when he was a youngster. Now, we are all his family and we make sure that he always has someone around him to distract him or to keep him occupied in other things.

He was able to get a transfer out here as a deputy with the local law enforcement office who were very grateful to have him join their ranks in the community. He also helps some of the local officers get the kids off the streets and into some sort of activity.

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