An Unexpected Loss Part 63

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17th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Oliver's POV...

Mother left us all of a sudden without nothing but a frown and a wave to us.

Doug and I had been meaning to catch up for a while now that he and Sybil had the babies now after a rough delivery with Darlene who, sadly, didn't make it after suffering an aneurysm they found later behind her left eye in the brain.

Darlene had suffered some nasty headaches which the doctors at the time had thought were related to her high blood pressure and put her on bed rest in the hospital for the last few weeks before they decided to perform an emergency c-section six weeks before the due date.

I still remember the drive home the last time I saw Rene and finding out that she was pregnant with my baby. Darlene had been quiet the whole trip home. She had been living in my apartment for the past few weeks after I allowed her to come and stay for a while. 

I didn't even think that it would affect the divorce I was wanting her to agree with. In the eyes of the court, having her move in while being confirmed as being pregnant stopped the application going through for the divorce.

I hit the roof when I found out. But it was apparent that Darlene did not agree to coming to live with me with the intention of forcing the marriage to continue. She actually looked at me with a horrified look when she found out. Or, it could have been that she was horrified when I did my nut when I found out and she thought I would actually physically harm her.

Not that I would raise a hand to her no matter how infuriating she actually did make me. I did want to throttle her a few times. I admit that. But the most I actually did do was grab her by the elbow and drag her around somewhere. Like I did at the branch opening of Rene's new office. 

But when it came out after the doctors all sent us out of the operating room where they had just delivered two baby boys to be cared for by the premi unit of the hospital, we were somewhat shocked. They had more or less kicked us all out.

Doug, Sybil and Darlene had every intention of going back tot he state where the in vitro was first performed and have the baby there. But Darlene got sick and they couldn't go anywhere.

I sent Doug and Syb out to follow the babies while I stayed in the room with Darlene who was looking sicker by the minute.

Then the alarms all went off and Darlene just lay there looking up slowly blinking before she just stared at me after turning her head to look at me. She didn't blink or anything. Then I was grabbed and shoved out of the room to stand just outside the door looking in through the small window to see them rip off all the shield they had up so we couldn't see what they were doing.

I couldn't help but look on in horror when they started CPR on her. I was breathing rather erratically watching them until someone came between me and the woman on that operating table. I backed away in shock because I know that it was too late.

I must have been standing there for several minutes before the door opened and all I heard was silence. I couldn't hear anyone speaking at all.

" Mr Winton. .." I vaguely heard before I heard it said again.

" Mr Winton. Please come and sit down." I didn't want to sit down. I know what they are going to say. It was the nurse who was standing beside me holding onto my arm trying to get me to move. But I couldn't.

I stepped forward instead and moved to the door and pushed it open again after someone shut it.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and just looked as they covered her. She still had a tube down her throat now where she hadn't had one before when they were delivering the babies. She looked so cold and white as a stone.

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