A Tentative Entrance Part 62

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16th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

Drew and I were sitting on the couch after finishing a cup of tea with both Deb and Cort laying on the floor with the girls playing with them. Drew was laying his arm behind me with his hand hanging off my shoulder. If I moved a little away from him, even if it was an inch, he would pull me closer.

I looked at him after the third time he did it and I can see the slight look of insecurity in his eyes despite him smiling. I smiled back at him and cuddled in closer to him relaxing since I can see it did bother him being here.  While the other two were distracted by the babies, I turned my head to look at him.

" If you are really, really good while we are here, I will really really give you a treat later." I murmured to him in a low voice just above a whisper. I winked at him as well which made his eyes smile at me then. He just stared at me.

He slowly relaxed and after setting his cup down on the table beside him, he reach out for my free hand and lifted it to his mouth for a gentle kiss. He crossed his ankle over his knee and fell back just that little bit more into the cushions behind us before turning to watch the others.

The girls were smiling up at their grandparents despite them only just meeting them and it was very easy to see that both Deb and Cort had fallen in love with the girls the moment they saw them even though I had sent some photo's across to them several weeks ago after our first call with each other when they found out about them being born.

It was about half an hour later that the girls decided they wanted a feed. So, leaving the men to chat with each other, I gave Drew a smile as Deb and I left the room to one of the closest bedrooms to give the girls what they are beginning to scream the house down for.

I think Deb was not sure how it was going to go with me being able to feed them. But I have the girls resting pillows in the bag I picked up and slung over my shoulder before taking Andrea out of Cort's arms after he and Deb climbed to their feet with the little ones who were whimpering for a feed by this time.

While the girls were suckling on a breast each, me and Deb were talking quietly and calmly about where to go from here. Deb has been very nervous about us now here. Not because it was going to put any noses out of joint. She bluntly wanted to know if her and Cort and even Oliver were going to be allowed to have a relationship with the girls.

" Of course you will. That is one of the reasons we are here. But I have to tell you that my emotions were all over the place when I first met Oliver. He has been the first man to pay me any real attention since having the boys. So, I think I fell in lust with him. It could have been more. I would have made sure of that. But I guess, what I really felt about him was not the right kind of love that would have lasted." I said to her giving her a sad smile.

" What about Andrew?" She asked me which only had me smiling at her.

" He is the real deal. I wake up thinking of him. I go to bed thinking of him. In more ways than one, of course." I grinned like a cat with a bowl of cream.

" Of course. I know that feeling." Deb said to me in a dry tone. But with a grin of her own.

" I can only barely remember him when I went to school. But I have seen him on and off throughout the years. But it as not until he was about to help me actually give birth in the back of the truck that he made his move." I said to her with this huge grin on my face as I remembered back to that moment in time.

" What?" She asked me with a confused look on her face.

" I cracked a joke about not really knowing each other well enough to allow him between my legs like he was at that moment and he just looked up at me and said.. 'You will.' " I had her so wrapped in what I was telling her that she was not even blinking her eyes.

" I nearly crapped myself. After that moment, I took notice of him and couldn't stop noticing him. It wasn't always easy. But we managed to get through the sudden unexpected engagement and the party that followed and the surprise wedding he thought he threw. But here we are. I not only love him. But I like him too." I said to her with a smile. Then a voice I was not expecting to speak said something.

" Get it right, woman. You like my grandmother. That's why you married me." Drew said as he stood int he doorway looking at us with a grin of his own.

I had just finished feeding the girls and Deb and I were in the process of  snuggling them as they were tired.

" Of course I do. That's why I had her come to live with me. You were just a bonus." I said with a cheeky smirk.

Drew knows how I feel about him. He has always known since  have made it clear to him on more than one occasion. He stepped forward into the room and waited until I was finished before grabbing his daughter Andrea and lifted her into his arms for a snuggle. 

Then, with him standing there with the girl laying in his arms and him looking down at her, he started to slightly sway from side to side as the girl closed her eyes and dropped off to sleep. He had brought the girls cot in with him and set it up before stepping over to us. So, it didn't take much for him to lay the baby down and step back and watch as Deb did the same thing before she pulled the little blanket and covered the girls with it.

The moment the two were together, they rolled into each other much like they had before they were born and every day since. It never fails to fascinate me when they do that.

" They look like Oliver." She whispered to us quietly as she stood there looking down at them while resting her hands on the railing.

" Yes, they do." I calmly said to her. Because they do. They have very little of me in them.

" Oliver came in twenty minutes ago." Drew calmly said as he stood beside me with one hand in his pocket and the other around my waist.

" Good. Deb can sit and watch the girls a bit more while we go out and deal with the elephant we have come to see." I said to him when I looked up a little over my shoulder at him. I just looked up at my husband to see how he feels at the moment. But he smiled back at me reassuringly.

I turned and came to a halt to see Oliver standing there in the doorway looking very nervous. His eyes were on his mother and the cot next to her where his biological daughters were now sleeping.

I pushed back a bit against Drew to push him back and smiled at Oliver whose whole focus was on the cot. He stood there staring for a moment before looking across now at me.

" Hello Doreene." He quietly said to me. He looked really nervous as he tentatively stepped inside the room.

" Hello Oliver. Why don't you come and have a look at the girls. Your mother can show you who is who. I need another cup of tea. Come out when you are ready and we will talk." I said to him with a smile as I pulled Drew out with me leaving the father to see his children for the first time.

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