Ruby's Baby

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Chapter 1

Ruby Harper was 14, a typical girl, she had loving parents, she was smart, pretty and thin. Her hair was black and felt like silk, her eyes were the brightest blue. Ruby’s life was perfectly fine and she loved it, until she got pregnant that is.

It was a Saturday night she would never forget. She checked her phone, 11:00pm,

“Moms gonna fucking kill me” She muttered.

She was walking through the alleyway, it was a cold winter’s night, and you could hear everything and anything, that’s what frightened her. The air was freezing, every time she breathed it felt like icy daggers in her chest. Ruby heard a man’s footsteps behind her she stopped but that only made it worse. She started running, but it was too late. He grabbed her arm, she went to scream but his hand covered her mouth. The guy let go of her arm and moved his hand.

“Ugh! Jason you fucking idiot, I shat myself then!” She shouted.

He smiled and kissed her. He stopped and undid his jeans. Jason smirked and said

“Time to become a real couple?” Using his puppy eyes.

“But Jase I’ve got to get ho...”

Ruby’s words were interrupted by a kiss they both sank down to the floor in the alley and well... you can guess what happened next.

A few weeks later Ruby started to notice her weight increasing and she kept feeling ill every moring.She went to school feeling unhappy and caught up with her best freind Destiny.

“Hey Ruby!” Destiny shouted from across the quad.

“Hey...” She said quietly

“What’s wrong Bab?”

“Well a few weeks ago me and Jase became a ... real couple shall we say”

“NO WAY! YOU DIDN’T!” She screamed.

“Yes! And shut up dude, everyone’s staring” she whispered.

They both turned around and everyone that was on the quad was staring blankly at them, as if they had all turned to zombies.

“Carry on!” Shouted Destiny

Everybody turned back and started chatting to each other again.

“Anyway I think I’m ... I’m pregnant.”Ruby said.

For a few minutes Destiny stood there in utter shock from the words that came from Ruby’s lips.

“Destiny!” Ruby said waving her had madly in front of her eyes.

She shook out of the trace.

“Have you taken a test?” she exclaimed

“No, but I brought one on the way to school earlier”

“OH MY GOD! Go do it now!”Destiny demanded while pushing ruby towards the girl’s toilets.

“Alright Jeez!  get off me!” Ruby whined.

15 minutes later ruby reappeared from the bathroom stall with the test in her hand.

“Well?!” Destiny squeaked.

“1 more minute and we’ll find out” she said close to tears

Destiny put her arm round Ruby’s shoulder and let ruby rest her head.

“It will be alright chick, you’re probably not pregnant anyway” She said trying to sound confident.

Ruby picked up the test from the side.

“Well?” Destiny said for the second time.

Ruby turned the test to face Destiny. The look on Ruby’s face when destiny said that one word she dreaded.


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