Chapter 5

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Blance POV:

I finally moved into my new apartment, it wasnt much but it was mine. The first night i spent alone in a strange bed which was included in my rental. It took me hours to just fall asleep. The smell of the apartment was somewhat unfamiliar and it smelled like fresh paint which made me sneeze the entire time. This did not feel like home at all. It was 1 am in the morning and i was still tossing and turning convincing myself that i am safe and this was for the best.

I drifted into a light sleep holding my pillow for comfort and security. I woke up at 3 am to the sound of a bed banging against the wall. It gave me a fright so i got up and thought maybe i was just a little unsettled and decided to get myself a glass of water. A few seconds pasted and i could hear my neighbours vioces or should i say sexual moan coming throw my wall as if they were having sex right next to me. I banged one of my shoes against the wall trying to calm them down but no attention was payed to me at all. It took an half an hour before they went silent again.

Tommorrow im going over there just to meet them, maybe they didnt know someone moved in next to them that why they went all out. If they know im right next door and i can hear everything they do and say maybe they would apologise for the night before and feel ashamed that a stranger heard them having sex.

The next morning i woke up feeling tired and had a massive headache from the lack of sleep. Im not use to sleeping for such short hours at a time. At home everything was always so peaceful and there was a time and place to get everything done in order for our household to fuction effectively.

I started to feel hungry and remembered i had no groceries in any of my cupboards so i decided to go shop with the little money i still had left in my purse. Before i left i went over to the neighbours door and knocked a few times with no answer.

they must be at work or still sleeping.

I got to the store only brought the bare essentials. I will start my new job this coming week. I have no working experience but i needed the money and i also didnt want to bother anyone for anything especially my parents. Just so they can say i told you so.

Roy-lee came over almost everynight and helped me unpack most of my clothes and brought some of his moms cooked food for us to eat, this was nice seeing that i didnt have much to start out with. But in due time i will be able to cook for him with groceries i brought from my own money and nobody elses.

Roy-lee POV

i just got home from Blance and i feel super tired trying to balance my acedemic schedule and not make her feel neglected. I want to help her wherever i possibility can.

God ever since she moved into her apartment she must be so lonely being home alone all day and night with no one to talk to. i know we dont have much money right now but i was planning on going to a rugby game on Saturday with some of the guys. The local teams are playing against each other and it always turns out to be fun, i think she would enjoy getting out of the flat instead of waiting around for me to come visit her.

Her parents havent been to her place ever since she moved in. I can see she still longes for home but she doesnt talk about it atleast not with me.

Blance POV:

Its saturday and Roy-lee asked me to attend one of the local rugby games with him. I agreed even if i dont understand the game of rugby. To me its just people running around and passing a ball around. Sometimes i see people screaming or clapping and i join in not knowing what the excitement is about. I wanted to ask Roy - lee to explain it to me a few times but he already thinks i understand because i get just as excited as they do, but he never noticed everytime we watch rugby i first watch what the other peoples reactions are before i make a move. I also dont join in the conversation afterwards. I try to keep busy so my opinion would not be asked on the game.

We got to the game around 2 pm the afternoon. It was a nice sunny day with no cold wind blowing so i felt comfortable and enjoyed the fresh air.

We stood a short distance from where the game was about to be played. I was the only girl in a crowd full of boys , drinking and smoking all around me. I didnt mind at all and enjoyed the company.

It was half time and Roy-lee went to get me some snacks to enjoy when one of the girls in the opposite crowd decided to come over and asked for a cigarette.  I noticed a small boy in her arms. She put him down as she started to smoke, he pilled at my arm and i decided to pick him up and play with him until his mommy was done smoking.

He was super cute with his light brown skin and big brown eyes, he had the type of face that you would want to pull.

Gravins voice from the background (one of the guys in the crowd)

Hey little Roy-lee!

Roy-lee came back with my snacks and i saw his face was almost shocked, i immediately asked if he was ok, he just said yes and almost swollow a whole can of beer.

The girl who came over earlier took the child out of my hand and left. I could see there must be some history between her and Roy-lee you could cut the tension with a knife.

Me:  hey you ok?
Roy - lee : ya im fine
Me: i was wondering about something..
Roy-lee: whats that?
Me: gravin just called the boy little roy-lee....
Roy - lee : ag dont pay any mind to him his just being silly as always
Me: ok then lets just enjoy today

Roy- lee POV:

We dropped Blance off at her apartment and we agreed that i would spent the rest of the night with the boys having a boys night out.

Damn today was close, that damn Shirley had to show her face. It makes the situation even worst because everyone around Blance knew about my child except her.

Lets not dwell on this tommorrow is another day, drink up!

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