dizzy finally gets a moment alone

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"good work team!" says daddy bob. dizzy blushes. she and the other machines just build a whole new basement for bob and his wife wendy. considering they painted it red and there were lots of hooks on the walls, dizzy thinks that it will be a second dungeon. or a murder dungeon. or both. whatever the case, even necrophilia, dizzy wants to look at daddy bobs big cock just at least one time. in her wildest dreams he falls in love with her too, but she knows that will never happen. he likes that whore wendy.

dizzy shakes her head. she was daydreaming and now she's in daddy bobs backyard. the team has built so much on the house because the town is perfect but daddy bob knows the team will have to keep busy or they will fall into deep depression.

she wanders for a while and finds an abandoned room that is bright orange. she remember building it and being asked what color to make the room. she remembers daddy bob looking right at her as he asked her, his eyes were so sincere. she wishes she could take his big daddy dick and put it in her cement hole.

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