Chapter Thirty-Four: Showtime

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The movie finished with Calla in tears. Not because the ending was sad, but because the watching a movie for the first time was such a beautiful experience. She was awestruck throughout the entire thing, so focused on it, that she couldn't even be bothered by the fact that her wolf had let her snuggle right up onto my lap. He head was resting on my chest, her eyes glued to the screen. When a fight scene came on she would start to bite at her fingernails in anxious worry for Tony Stark, but seemed too interested to be scared by it. She knew it was pretend. I just lightly stroked her hair and hugged her a little tighter.

When we went up to bed, I gave her a kiss on the forehead, as I had to go back to my office to clean up for the night. She immediately cuddled into the covers, biting her cheek shyly before saying, "Okay, hurry back." Then she did the most adorable thing I've ever seen, and kissed her hand and blew it my direction.

I was almost so gobsmacked that I missed it, but at the last second I made a quick move to catch the invisible kiss, making her laugh. I made a big deal of shoving it into my pocket, insisting on 'keeping it for later'. Her laughs were so beautiful that I found it hard to leave. Eventually I did, making a quick dash for my office so I could come back sooner rather than later. But the second I burst into my office, I bumped straight into Lorenzo.

"Woah, sorry man." I apologize, taking a step back to get out of his immediate personal space. I could tell by the ice cold air that this was in fact, Patricia.

He held up a camera, no doubt the one Lorenzo set up earlier. My heart tumbled to my stomach, my cheeks heating up a bit in anxiousness. Fuck, he's figured it out. If he knew, then the whole plan to fix Lorenzo's problem was shot to hell. He cleared his throat, "Why was this in my room?" he was back to the hard, commanding voice. No emotion other that a slightly psychotic and deranged curiosity. It was like any second he could either start yelling or punching me, or he could just float off. It was chilling.

I furrow my brows in a feign innocence, "You put it there."

His face paled considerably. "Why?"

I was bothered by how weird this side of him was. It was such a different personality, so apathetic and calculated, like he was a surveillance camera, watching and scanning. It was like he was searching for your flaws. You could tell when he found one because that's all he would look at. He was looking at a scar above my eyebrow. I struggled for an answer. "You were watching Iron Man earlier and wanted to recreate a scene where he was testing out his suit. You had flashlights in your hands and pretended to be him." Goddess that was lame. I'd be shocked if he wasn't suspicious about that half ass excuse.

"I did that?" He asked, but it was rhetorical. "Must not remember. That's weird." It was such a rushed excuse, like he was trying to cover his tracks. I honestly had no clue what was wrong with him. It was like Patricia didn't want me to know he was in control of Lorenzo. I could press for information and pry it out of him that he was in fact a fraud, a faker, but I couldn't blow the cover. Also, I didn't want to start a war in his brain, it was obvious Lorenzo was already at a disadvantage.

I pressed my lips together awkwardly. "Yep."

     And just like that, the tension was so thick it was suffocating. We both knew how totally awkward standing there in silence was, but neither of us made an attempt to move. Goddess, it was so tense in the room it made me want to cringe. I swiped my tongue over my lips to moisten them before nervously laughing to ease sound back into the silent room. He had been intently staring at me, his eyes searching and finding more flaws. He would blink as his eyes had already found a new flaw, like he had a mental image of me in his mind to find new scars without even having to roam my skin very much. It was unsettling. My laugh didn't help.

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