The boy who was lost

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It was a dark and rainy night.You were 6 years old alone in the forest with cuts and bruises all over your body.You were scared looking for help when suddenly you collapsed on the ground because you were so tired of moving.

Isaiah:(Tear running down face)I don't wanna die.

Everything around you started to fade as you closed your eyes.All you could hear.......

Was the dark souls theme played as you actually died.

Author:Well that's my que.Goodbye


You started to collapse and went unconscious.Not to long after that a man with blonde hair and his daughter stumbled upon you.

???:Daddy who's that?

The man was worried as he thought he and his daughter were possibly looking at a dead child.

???:He's not dead is he?

Dad:I don't know sweetie.I'll check on him.

The man rushed to your aid and checked for your vital signs.Thankfully you weren't fully flat out dead.But your cuts were still bleeding.

Dad:Thank God's.He's alright Ruby.

Ruby:What are you going to do with him.




Author:OH SHI-


Ruby:What are you gonna do with him?

Dad:Well we can't leave him out here.He could do out here.We're gonna have to take him in.


He then carried you in his arms as he walked back to his house.And no FBI he won't fuck him!


Ruby:Who was that?

Dad:Oh it's just the author trying to make the story funny.

Author:Oh come on!An fbi joke is always funny.

Dad:Yeah but the line is drawn when an adult man is joked about fucking a kid!

Author:Hmmm.You make valid argument.

The Dad and Ruby then showed up at the house and walked in to see that Summer who was wearing her white cape and had red highlights at the end of her hair playing that remnant board game with Yang.

Summer:Hello Tai-Tai!Who is that?!(Points to you in tai's arms)

Tai:Found this poor little guy outside in the rain.He's alive but he needs help immediately.I'm gonna bring him to the room and heal him up.Ruby go play with Yang and mom.

Ruby:Ok Daddy.

She runs over to the living room climbing over the couch to tackle Yang.

Summer:Ruby please don't climb on the seats.

Tai then takes you and your unconscious body to his room.I see you FBI peeking in my office.Don't worry I decide what tai will do to him.

Fbi:Better not be anything illegal.

Tai then uses his aura to completely heal all of your cuts and other wounds.Summer walks into the room to see Tai still healing him.

Summer:How is he doing?

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