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Ciel gripped the bed sheets as the demon a top of him started to go as he pleased. Ciel wanted this constant pleasure to end. He couldn't take anymore. "Seb! AHH! Ah!" He opened his mouth but all that came out was constant moans an screams. This heat was making him so hot. Not to mention the fucking angel tears. What was Sebastian going to do to him next? He wondered. Ciel moaned even more as Sebastian totally dominated him, it felt like someone was splitting him in half. "Ready for it my lovely little kitten?~" voice of silk seemed to be deepened and out of breath. Sebastian rested his head by Ciel's neck panting harshly.
Sebastian's all mighty high was coming to an end.

He could feel his damn about to break, all he needed was his Ciel to be ready.

Ciel felt heat and some sort of power build up. He was near just that one push.
Sebastian pulled Ciel up in his lap and whispered in his ear. "Intense isn't it?~ a deeper angle giving you some of that needed pleasure." Ciel nearly screamed and moved his hips. Instincts taking over his actions. Sebastian smirked as leaned down to Ciel's shoulder bucking up every time Ciel came down. "FU-Fuck! Se-bas!-tain!" Ciel blurted out. Ciel could feel it so close! 'PLEASE' his mind begged, but his mouth just formed constant moans and screams. Sebastian started to whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

Then it he said it. "Come for me." Ciel heard the intense words with the position, and then felt the sweet pain of a bite. Sebastian has favorited that one spot, his sweet spot. All saw was a blinding white in his vision a burst in colour. All of his power felt Ciel tighten up incredibly, forcing him into release and to stop moving. Sebastian moaned loudly sucking Ciels sweet blood. The blood creating another sweet high for Sebastian. It was like Ciel's sweet hole was milking him for all he was worth. Sebastian pulled away and breathed as Ciel began to change. He had to pull out and back up so he wouldn't get covered in navy smoke. Then he saw a shadow as the smoke cleared. Sebastian jaw dropped then he closed it quickly. Sebastian smirked his pearly white fangs showing clearly. Ciel was beautiful. Ciel mewled loudly. His long blueish tail twitching./p

Sebastian could tell by the slightly darker spots that his kitten was a Leopard demon.
Ciel's ears twitched and he panted, a whole change was made to the younger. His hair was slightly longer. Now there was another hole leaking. Sebastian assumed was his kittens little vagina. Ciel had claws slightly curved and more cat like features aside from the ears and tail. Sebastian pinned him down. "Look at how beautiful you are. Mm~ my sweet little kitten." He trailed his hands to the new dripping opening. His fingers slowly entered the little opening. Ciel whined and pulled away as Sebastian's long claws touched his(her) Hymen. Sebastian smirked.

"a cute little virgin. Mmm~ I can't fucking wait." He smirked and dove back in. Sebastian breathed hard and fell to the side. "I'm worn out..." Sebastian pants trying to catch his breath. Ciel was asleep from the intense fucking. Ciel would sleep for about 10 minutes then wake up and bother Sebastian. Sebastian closed his eyes, by this rate Ciel was going to be pregnant by the end of the damn week. "Oh~ kitten. What you do to me." Sebastian said. Even his own demonic limbo alone wasn't enough for the younger.
Sebastian would be sure to give his all to the younger when his heat rolled around. The other wouldn't be able to leave or sleep he would make sure of that. Sebastian smiled and pinned his kitten. "Nice try but I can hear you." Ciel looked at him with hungry eyes and smiled. He nuzzled under Sebastian chin and purred. Sebastian smirked "Oh little kitten~~" he kissed him and pulled away. Ciel looked high and very needy. "Master~~ please." Ciel purred and Sebastian flipped him over and, entered slowly. "Kitten you have another hole that needs pleased~~ but we'll save that till later. " Ciel looked confused but Sebastian started to nip on the sensitive cat ears causing Ciel to cry out. "Nyahhh!~~"

Sebastian chuckled "A cat in heat~" Sebastian pulled in Ciel's tail roughly causing the younger to yowl and raise his ass higher as his hands come down. Sebastian smirked and took advantage of was ravished by a beast for the entire week, one moment it was sleep then sex. Sebastian would have gone to the bathroom and Ciel would pant and wait for Sebastian come out to pounce on him. Ciel would have fallen asleep and Sebastian would go hunt a soul for him come back to Ciel nuzzling his leg purring loudly.
As for the cat features, Ciel made use of every one, the tail he could pull and Ciel would raise his ass, his ears were most sensitive, his tongue and purrs were put to good use of their own, When Ciel was feeling frisky Sebastian could bite down the back of Ciel's neck and cause Ciel to submit to him, and when Ciel cried out all you could hear was "Nyahh!~~", or a mewl, it was beautiful music to his ears.

Some interesting discoveries were found out, like Ciel enjoys dirty talk, Ciel was a submissive, Ciel's virginity was even sweeter a second time around, Ciel cum takes like his soul, and Ciel in fact was very flexible. Sebastian marked every inch of Ciel's skin with love bites, bruises, sweat, and kisses. Ciel marked Sebastian's shoulder with long claw marks, some bites, and hickies. Over all interesting week for the couple.

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