Sweet Dreams are Made of These

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    Alastor made his way to your house. He was nervous for you. He knew how you got when you couldn't sleep. You got anxious and almost went insane.

He knocked on the door. You immediately got up and answered it.

"Alastor!" You almost shouted. As you jumped to him and gave him a hug. "I can't sleep. Do you want to watch a movie?" You asked him. "No. We have to find a way to get you to sleep." He said sternly. "Just one? Then I'll go to sleep?" You asked him with your puppy dog like eyes.

He sighed. "Fine. One movie."

"YAY!!" You shouted as you grabbed the VHS box. "What if we watch The Great Outdoors? Alastor?"




"Ferris Buellers Day Off?"

"No. What's that one?"

"The Goonies?"

"Yes that one. Let's watch that one."

"Alastor are you sure? It's kind of immature." You asked him quietly. "I don't care my dear."

The movie started. You remember watching this. 17 years old.

"Chunk god dammit! That's my moms favorite piece!" Mikey said while trying to place the dick back on the statue. You couldn't help but chuckle. Alastor facepalmed.

"Heh. Haha. hahhahahahah!" You wheezed while leaning forward. "All right now thats enough." Alastor said while he switched off the TV and picked you up bridal style. "Aww! What's wrong? Can't handle a dirty joke?" You asked him with a smirk on your face.

He rolled his eyes and placed you in bed. "Goodnight dear." He said and walked out of your room. "Can y-you stay?" You asked him quietly. He froze and turned around.

"Of course"

He got under the covers with you and faced you. "Goodnight Alastor-

I love you."

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