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The idea was: Qannen comes home to their new apartment in the Grand Butera, and Qynka is waiting there for her, having seen or heard about Qannen hanging out with Syklomeme at Orifex, and has immediately gotten the message. It's not a threat! At all! It's just a simple reminder that Qannen has a life and can try things and make choices if she wants to, and but their brand is always going to be stronger together so let's act like it. And they'd fight about it, and it might be bad or ugly but it would be compelling. And they would get through it and build from there. THE END.

But Qannen gets home and: where is Qynka. When Qynka hadn't returned to HEV to see Qannen getting discharged she had charitably thought: my sister is doing something nice to welcome me home and make up for being the biggest hellb*tch ever. But: apparently: no.

Qannen wanders around the new space, noting how tiny the stuff from their old apartment looks here. They will need more stuff. But there's no indication that Qynka's been here at all. There's also no indication that she's: anywhere. There's no new pics on the TL, and according to Qannen's screen Qynka is...nowhere? Like not anywhere in the city. Like wtf is that. Qynka is already literally inaccessible to her own sister.

Never mind Qynka being angry that Qannen was hanging out with Syklomeme, never mind that Qynka is too distracted with herself to notice. They literally aren't even on the same map anymore. Qannen is basically a squatter in an apartment she isn't popular enough to afford on her own. And pretty soon there wouldn't be anything left of her brand to defend. So f*ck it.

Qannen inhales deeply and sends a very loaded message to Syklomeme:


-Oh hello, Syklomeme says. -There's a thing happening at Faith in Hunger, you should come, might be some ~interesting ~brands to interact with

Qannen waits, says nothing. Is she really going to let Raminashi f*nger her in the club. Is that really a thing that was going to physically happen.

Like she's reading Qannen's mind, Syklomeme continues:

-It doesn't have to be all that

-We're just setting the stage, putting things in motion

-It'll be fun

-omw, Qannen says.

If there's somehow still a small part of Qynka that has literally any feelings about her relationship with her sister, that'll be over soon. There's no swiping back from this.


Qannen gets ready. Holographic leggings & top from Absolutely_Not, boots from Vintage Loss. Makeup and jewelry by Psych0sexualia. Trying all these new brands for the first time. She wants it to feel joyless but it absolutely does not. And tbh she looks amazing. Anyone would be thrilled to hang out with her. Anyone would be thrilled to f*nger her. She can do whatever she wants.

She finishes her look. She calls her car and takes a last look around the empty apartment before peacing it out. Inside the car she scrolls through the TL without really seeing anything. She even closes the ad on the window so she can see the city outside. The clean and trash-less sidewalks, the unfettered access to the shops and restaurants. The weather at 80%. Wood2 looking like it used to but hasn't in however long. The car deposits her on Xan Street and she's walking up to Faith in Hunger when she gets a message from Kessl8.

-I need to see you

-I'm the middle of a whole thing, Qannen says.

-It's important, Kessl8 counters.

Knowing, somewhere in the back of her mind, that Kessl8 is near the finale of her season. Knowing this is a trap of some kind, a planned drama.

Qannen: -F*ck off I'm doing all these potentially life-altering things

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