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When it hits the ear so silently

You believe, you believe.

You think a secret is something kept

This crying little ear that wept.

A secret is processed into a word

Into a sentence into something absurd.

Secrets disrupt our luck

Cause havoc, cause havoc.

A secret is yours and yours alone.

It is yours to use lend or throw.

Turning into something that is hellish

Very selfish very selfish.

Breaks the very word of trust.

Is it the devil, is it lust?

The secret cascades to a memory so shrill.

Forget it quick, take one more pill, one more pill.

Luckily theres nothing we cant kill

Dead memory, one more pill, one more pill.

Why are you still there?

You cannot bare

One more pill, one more pill.

You could have spoked

Now you choke

One more pill one more pill

The black has come.

Our secret is done.

You lie now and forever still.

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