Part 2

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In Raizada Mansion,

"By the way where's Khushi ji? She is not seen since the wedding ended." Said Anjali looking around.

"Ee sankadevi hogi yahi kahin, din bhar din uski sanak badhti hi jarahi hai!! (This Sankadevi must be here somewhere, her craziness is increasing day by day!!)" Said Madhumati holding her head.

Nani and Anjali chuckled while Maami blew on her manicured nails muttering her phrase.

"Unki wahi adaa hum sabhi ko khush rakhti hai. Woh jaisi hai vaisi hi achi hai! (Her this attitude only keeps Everyone happy. She is good the way she is!)" Said Nani in an affectionate tone.

Madhumati and Garima smiled at her words where Shashi was busy glancing at the entrance with a worried look.

Where r u Bitya??

He thought closing his teary eyes. His instincts conveying him of something dreadful.

Khushi knelt before Shashi and asked "Aapko Bharosa hai humpar?? (Do u trust me??)"

Shashi tried to nod with teary eyes but wasn't able to.

Seeing that tears welled up in her eyes as she kissed his knuckles.

"Humpar yahi bharosa banaayi rakhiye, babuji. Hum vaada karte hai ki hum sab kuch theek kardenge! (Keep this trust intact on me, babuji. I promise u to mend everything soon!)" She said cupping his cheek as she wiped away the tears with her thumb pads.

Lifting his right arm after several attempts he finally succeeded to place his palm on her head, as if blessing her.

With teary eyes she kissed his forehead and turned to leave but he held her fingers stopping her.

She looked at him confused and knelt back.

"What is it babuji?"

"A... Rn... Arn...av??" He stuttered.

She closed her eyes in pain as tears rolled down.

"Hum jo karne jarahe hai woh shayad hi kabhi hamein maaf karpayenge! (Whatever i am going to do maybe he will never be able to forgive me!)" She whispered looking at him, tensing him more.

Shashi shook his head as if asking her not to move forward with this thing.

"I can't step back now, i just can't. I am so helpless now that i can't even explain u Babuji! Many lives r at stake just because of me!" She whispered shaking her head.

"Aur rahi Arnav ji ki baat, agar hamari kismat main kabhi khushiyaan hongi toh hum zaroor ek honge!! (And as far as Arnav ji is concerned, if happiness exist in my destiny then we will unite!!)" She said as she left after kissing his forehead.

May devi maiyya protect u Bityaa!

He wished seeing her disappearing figure with teary eyes.

"If u r done with all the rituals then shall I go?" Asked Arnav with a bored expression tapping his feet on the floor.

It was almost an hour since he have seen her. And this was tensing him even more, as she was not someone to stay in a place for longer.

"No!!" Anjali said instantly with Sweet smile.

He looked at her with raised brow as she continues "I meant to say that few rituals r left so plz stay!"

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