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Dante's pov
I got the script and read it. I got to this on certain page. It said that Aidan and Yn have to kiss, I didn't know how to react. I was hurt. I mean I know they have like a love thing on the show, but I-. It was time for the scene. They kissed. I was broken, Yn saw me and her smile from before turned to a sad face.
Yn's pov;
I was happy that we got it on the first try, I wasn't trying to kiss Aidan again, once I turn again to see Dante he was still broken, my smile faded. I walked up to him.
"So you saw and read the script"- I said still upset
"Yeah"- Dante said in a sad tone
"If I'm being honest, that kiss meant nothing to me, you're all I need, I'm sooo lucky to have you Dante, all I want is you just you no one else"- I said
Dante looked at me, his sad face turned to a happy face. He hugged me, I hugged back.
"And you're all I need"- Dante finally said something
We finished shooting all the scenes. We headed back home. We decided to watch a movie, later the girls and me went up to my room. We decided to have a sleepover. We grabbed face masks, a laptop, and are pjs.

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*username* girls have way more fun 🥵

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Sorry it's short, I had no idea what to write.

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