Yandere! Midoriya Izuku

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Being devoted to her was difficult. It's not like they were together, no, he just loved her more than anything else in the universe. She meant the most to him, and he hoped she knew that. She should have, he made his feelings very clear. You'd been friends for such a long time, he thought she'd know by now.
But she didn't.
She called them friends. He was her best friend. Honestly, he couldn't tell if she was teasing him or just plain oblivious. Knowing her, she was just oblivious. Still, the whole situation made him extremely frustrated. It didn't help that Bakugou was always flirting with her, it got on Izuku's nerves. It was pretty obvious that the explosive blonde had some type of feelings towards (Y/n), and they weren't innocent ones either. And it wasn't like she hated him, she and Bakugou were childhood friends, just like her and Izuku. If she ended up with Bakugou he would most likely lose his mind.
In his mind, Bakugou didn't even deserve to breath the same air as (Y/n).
Izuku just told himself that Kaachan was just an asshole who liked fucking with him.
Still, even in his delusional state of mind, Izuku knew deep down that wasn't the case.


"Why do you still hang out with that nerd?"
Listening on in (Y/n)'s conversations wasn't something Izuku did often, he felt rather rude when he did, but she was talking to Kaachan. They never really had conversations, she was always with Izuku.
"He's my best friend."
"He's a little creep. I saw him outside your window the other night. He was watching you sleep!"
He knew?
A sudden feeling of hot panic rushed through Izuku. How the hell did he know? He made sure to keep himself hidden.
'The only way Kaachan could've seen me was if he was...'
Panic turned to anger.
He was there too, watching her. Bakugou seemed like such a hypocrite to him. How could he rat Izuku out when he was doing the exact same thing? He was acting like a child, acting like she'd believe him. He knew she wouldn't, not really. But the worried expression on her face made him worried.

Bakugou Katsuki was playing a dangerous game.

I will be writing another Yandere! Deku one that was requested. To that person who requested, please don't think I'm ignoring you. This was in my drafts before you requested and I felt bad for not updating.
I hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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