Alternate ending.

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      Tzuyu ran her fingers through her hair. "And I'll kill you and put the blame on her once more." Tzuyu said. Mina quickly got back onto her feet and ran. Tzuyu rolled her eyes and ran in pursuit of the older girl. Mina ran fast, her feet fumbling about here and there as she ran, not looking back. She was after her, Chou Tzuyu. The tall girl was trailing behind her. The girl she thought she knew. Of course she was crazy about her, absolutely obsessed. She was after her for revenge. How had she not sensed this before? The way Tzuyu was always by her side. She could hear the chuckling coming from the girl. The sound echoed in Mina's ear making the older girl whimper. Her heart beat so fast with adrenaline, her pulse pounding. This was all crazy. This was all new information that hadn't made sense to her. She was wrong. Wrong about her all this time. She was wrong about Son Chaeyoung. She should've known, should've read the signs but it hadn't come to her attention at the time. But now here she was running for her life trying to escape the grasp of her stalker. "I'm coming Mina. You can't hide from me." Tzuyu said. Mina felt tears form in her eyes. She was so close, so close and Mina couldn't escape. She couldn't. The younger girl brought up her gun. "People do crazy things when they're denied what they want. You shouldn't have denied me the truth, that you got my father locked away." The girl said and let out a wicked laugh. Mina was horrified. She had never heard such a laugh before. It brought a shiver down her spine. But before she could think too much about the laugh, she had tripped over a dead root and fell to the ground. The sound of a gun cocked and ready to shoot could be heard. Mina turned onto her back horrified. "My sweet Mina. What a pity that such a beautiful face will now go to waste." Tzuyu said. With the pull of the trigger, the sound of the gun going off echoed in Mina's ear. Everything had grown still as Mina fumbled back, her head hit the ground. Silence.

A smirk played on Tzuyu's face. She had done it, killed Myoui Mina. "No!" She heard someone scream. She turned around to see Son Chaeyoung clasping her broken arm. Tzuyu grinned madly. She walked over to Chaeyoung and hit her across the head with the gun making Chaeyoung lose consciousness as she fell onto the ground. It was good Tzuyu wore gloves. She had no prints to identify her to the murder weapon. She put the gun firmly in Chaeyoung's hand making Chaeyoung grasp the gun. She looked down at her handy work. Everything had worked out as planned. She squatted down and chuckled. "You never had a chance Son Chaeyoung. A girl like that...not even money could permit you to have her." Tzuyu whispered. She looked over at Mina's limp body, her eyes staring up at the night sky. And yet....all she could see was darkness. Tzuyu began to hum a tune and walked out of the forest. She had caught sight of the girls talking to the police and some of them in ambulances. She chuckled to herself and disappeared into the night.


*two weeks later*

"What do you mean a Chou Tzuyu doesn't exist?" Nayeon yelled at the police. "Ma'am, we had contacted the Taiwanese police and...they have no Chou Tzuyu in their records." The police officer said. "I oughta bite your ears off! Have you seen my teeth?" Nayeon yelled. "She's got pretty big teeth mister." Momo said. "Nayeon just drop it." Jeongyeon said. "Our friend is dead and it's because of that bitch! That bitch really disappeared!" Nayeon kept yelling. "Hey, stop it. There's nothing we can do now. The only thing we can do is go to her funeral." Sana said. "What about Son Chaeyoung?" Momo asked. "She's innocent!" Nayeon said and flailed her arms around. "You have to let her go sir. We're here to pay her bail." Jeongyeon said. The officer sighed and nodded. They called upon the officers to let Chaeyoung out of the jail cell. They waited for her. Once they caught sight of her they all gasped. She looked like death. "Chaeyoung." Sana said and smiled. The youngest girl frowned. She was reminded of Mina when she saw her friends. "Sana. Now isn't the time." Dahyun said and moved past Sana to greet her friend. "Hey." Dahyun said in a sad and serious tone. Chaeyoung wad silent. Looking up she widened her eyes. She saw Lee Chaeyeon and Myoui Mina at the door of the police station. They gave her a wave and smiled. "N-no. No wait!" Chaeyoung yelled and ran towards the door. "You're okay! You guys are okay!" She yelled in happiness. "I was put in jail and it was crazy. I hadn't slept for days but you guys came for me!" Chaeyoung said and smiled. The girls hadn't said a word. They just smiled at the young girl. "We can all go back to school now. Since we're all here." Chaeyoung said and sighed in relief. She turned to face Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Momo and Dahyun. "We can go back to school now. We're all here. You guys, me, Chaeyeon and Mina. We....we can go back. Everything is okay now." Chaeyoung said. She had such a hopeful look in her eyes. It broke the girls hearts. "Chaeyoung....nobody's there." Dahyun said. Chaeyoung furrowed her brows and scratched her head. Was it because of the lack of sleep? She pointed to the door. "They're right there! Mina come say hi! Chaeyeon you too." Chaeyoung said and gestured the girls over. Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Sana, Momo and Dahyun frowned. Their friend had lost her mind completely while in jail. She couldn't handle what had happened, and so she decided to distort reality. "Chaeyoung." Jeongyeon said in a serious tone. "You guys are leaving them behind. It's okay Mina and Chaeyeon, they're just scared you're not real. But you are. See?" Chaeyoung reached for Mina and touched her hand. The older girl smiled. The other girls looked away as Chaeyoung's hand touched the cold glass window. "Your hand is kinda cold Mina. But that's okay. We'll get you somewhere warm." Chaeyoung said and smiled tiredly. "Son can't come back to school with us." Nayeon said. Chaeyoung furrowed her brows. "Why not?" She asked, her voice breaking. At this rate, the older girls had to be careful with their words. They didn't want to break Chaeyoung in her fragile state. "You're going to a special place with Mina and Chaeyeon. You three can live happily. We promise." Nayeon said and smiled sympathetically. Chaeyoung grinned. "Really? Did you hear that you guys? We get to stay together in a special place! Oh man thank you Nayeon!" Chaeyoung said giddily and hugged the older girl. "Do you think we know?" Jeongyeon asked. "I don't know if it would make a difference. But why not?" Dahyun said and frowned. "Hey let's all go somewhere before we go to this special place okay?" Nayeon asked Chaeyoung. The youngest girl grinned and nodded. Even though there was a smile on her face. She looked like death. Still vulnerable, still insane and broken. They led Chaeyoung to Mina's memorial. She wouldn't understand at this point. She was far too gone. She wouldn't understand how Mina was really....gone. They entered the room, empty as the mourners including Mina's mother left. A picture of Mina sat on the white cloth on the table. The five older girls bowed in respect to the dead. But Chaeyoung was silent and confused. She had seen the picture of Mina and furrowed her brows. She wanted things to click. She did. But they weren't. She saw Mina picking up her own picture and sighing. "You look pretty Mina." Chaeyoung blurted out. The other five girls who were avoiding their tears earlier suddenly burst into tears. Why couldn't they see Mina as well? "Hey, you're worrying Mina. Chaeyeon and I will step out till you guys calm down." Chaeyoung said. Dahyun grabbed her hand. She was afraid to leave her friend all alone in this state. "No. No we're about done." She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "Let's take you to that special place." Dahyun said and looked at Nayeon. The eldest girl nodded.

"Bye." Chaeyoung said and smiled. She waved at the five girls who stood by the door as a nurse gently guided Chaeyoung into the mental hospital. The girls tried their best to smile. But their friend was long gone now. Chaeyoung turned her head and smiled. "Hi Mina. Thank you for coming here with me." Chaeyoung said. Mina smiled and nodded. The nurse looked at Chaeyoung and gave her a sympathetic smile for when she looked to the right of Chaeyoung, no one was there.

Official ending. -Drea 😪

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