Chapter 44- Daniel's POV: Part 2

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Chapter 44-Daniel's POV: Part 2

Later that evening, I'm sitting in my bedroom against the foot of my bed, deep in thought, when I hear a sharp knock on my door. "Who is it?" I ask, feeling strangely detached. 

"It's me," Anthony's voice sounds on the other end of the door. "Can I come in?"


He enters my room then, clutching something white in his right hand. I turn my head to look at him fully and to glance at what it is he's holding. It's a envelope. I can feel my heart start to pound uncontrollably inside my chest as Anthony crouches down in front of me, tapping the envelope against the palm of his hand. "I found this on your dresser a few days ago," he says, and then pauses, taking a deep breath. "I thought I might as well tell you this now. Inside this envelope is a letter addressed to you from dad. He basically lets you know that he's alive and well, and that he is currently living in Buenos Aires although--- here's the part you would've never guessed---he owns a second house down in Miami."

I listen stonily as Anthony reads the letter from my father to me in Spanish. Every now and then he glances up from the paper to see if I have reacted in any way to this news about our father's whereabouts but there's nothing to see so he continues reading without looking at me. According to the letter, our father is one of the head leaders of a major drug ring in Miami and plays a key role in exporting drugs from his first home in South America, specifically Argentina, into the United States. Not surprisingly, the organization's main import is cocaine along with marijuana as the second most common import. He also reveals in his letter to me that after he left our family thirteen years ago, he traveled to Colombia to stay with an old friend, who he does not name, and ended up being sent to the hospital as a result of alcohol poisoning. He says he vowed never to drink again after that incident almost cost him his life, and he eventually was able to sober up upon moving back to Buenos Aires, which is also my place of birth. He explains how nostalgic he got once he settled down on a cattle ranch there and how much he longed to see me, Anthony, and Diego again, as well as realizing how much he wanted to sincerely apologize to my Mama for his mistreatment of her. However, he knew that he could never see any of us again if he didn't find a good paying job first and make enough money to travel back to the states. At first he tried working on the ranch, but that barely paid him a cent so he tried finding work in the city. When he ran out of luck finding a good paying job there he ended up selling marijuana with a friend of his one the streets. The pair soon moved on to selling harder drugs and that was when he came in contact with a man named Miguel Torres, who was more than willing to hire both my father and his friend to work for his people, AKA, the members of the drug ring, who's number one center of trade is located in none other than the drug Capitol of America: Miami, Florida.

"He wants the both of us to drive down there this coming spring and visit him," Anthony explains, excitement and curiosity evident in his tone of voice. "I already knew he wanted me to visit because I've been in contact with him several times this past year but he wants you to come too, Danny. Whadaya think about all this, huh? It seems like a pretty sweet deal."

To say I am disappointed in hearing what has become of my father is probably the understatement of the year. I can't even think of an accurate word to describe how I'm feeling right now---devastated, shocked, disgusted, dissatisfied, rejected---all of these words sound fair enough if you take all of them and mix them together into one feeling. I can't even will myself to look at Anthony right now though I can feel him staring at me very expectantly. I struggle to come up with a good response--that is--until he starts speaking again. 

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about dad contacting me earlier its just that I wasn't sure how you were going to react. Now I know you don't give a fuck so...let me know when you make your decision---about going to Miami to see him."

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