Chapter 40- Daniel's POV

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Chapter 40- Daniel's POV

Two months later

I carefully unbutton the front of Nora's silky white top and plant a soft kiss in between her breasts. I hear her breathing heavily as I make my way down her stomach and place my right hand over the zipper of her jeans.

"What are you waiting for?" She breathes and a small smile spreads across my lips.

"I just like to savor the moment that's all," I reply.

"Well your idea of savoring the moment is killing me," she giggles, biting her lip.

I pull her face towards me and wrap my arms around her waist, placing her knees on top of mine so that she's sitting on my lap. She's looking down at me with that all too familiar adorable grin she gets on her face whenever she's happy or excited about something. I love that smile more than anything.

There were only a few days left of summer believe it or not, and this was how Nora and I preferred to spend them. We were at her house this afternoon, on top of her bed, which was a favorite spot of ours when it came to fitting in some alone time together. Not that we haven't already gotten plenty of it. Since June, Nora and I have been doing practically every single possible activity one could think of, together. We spent a few hours swimming at the community pool every Thursday and then we would sneak back to the indoor sauna to make out. We also went to Walt Disney World one weekend in July with her friend Katie and Katie's older sister. On the Fourth of July we bought fireworks and tried to launch them on the beach and then took off running when a neighbor threatened to call the police. We used Nora's fire pit to roast s'mores almost every Friday night too and wrapped ourselves up in blankets and told ghost stories.

But probably the best night of the summer was when Nora and I went skinny dipping in the ocean and afterwards had a moonlight picnic on the beach. We were both pretty amped up because we had gone skiing beforehand. And I'm not talking about the winter sport kind of skiing. Anyway, because we felt like we could do anything we basically wanted without a single care, we decided to break into one of those three story vacation homes right above the beach. Since it was the end of August, everyone had already left that house weeks ago, and lucky for us, those rich idiots left the back door unlocked.

Overall, it had been an unbelievably amazing summer, and what better way to spend the last few days of it than in your girlfriend's bedroom?

"Why are you so sentimental?" Nora giggles, slapping me lightly on the cheek, while snapping me out of my thoughts in the process.

I raise an eyebrow at her. "You should've seen me before I met you. I was cold hearted," I joke.

"Well I'm glad I could bring out this side of you then," she says, turning around so that her back is to me, enabling me to unhook her bra. I kiss my way down her bare back and she lets out a pleasurable sigh.

"You're the only girl who's ever brought out this side in me," I whisper, "The side of me that wants nothing but to please you, in every way possible."

She turns around suddenly after I say this, pulling my lips towards hers, and I slide my hands down her waist carefully, unzipping her shorts.

"I love you," She breathes, "I know I've probably said that a million times before, but I really do. More and more every day." She pushes her golden blonde hair back against her shoulder blades and laughs. "I'm sorry for sounding so cliche."

I shake my head. "You're so silly," I reply, "Haven't you learned already that you never have to apologize to me for anything? Todo lo que dices es perfecto mi amor. (Everything you say is perfect, my love.) Cuando estas conmigo, nunca tienes que pedir disculpas por ser quien eres y decir lo que sientes. When you're with me, you never have to apologize for being who you are and saying what you feel."

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