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Sophia's POV
I let the steaming water fill the bathtub. I don't mind the hot water. It was soothing against my bruised and cut up body. I climb into the bath letting the blood on my body seep into the water. The water became a shade of pink mixed in with dirt that sank to the bottom. I let out a groan in annoyance. I'll have to change the water again now that it's dirty. I climb out and wrap a towel around my body and drain the water. I rinse the dirt down the drain and I started to fill the water up again. I walk into my bedroom and look out the window. My eyes scan the edge of the woods and I sense someone or something out there. In the midst of the trees, I see a wolf with red eyes looking at something at the bottom of the tree. I see something tiny start to move and a child, no older than 4, trembling at the bottom of the tree. I quickly threw my towel off and flung the door open to the balcony. I jump over the edge and let my wolf take full control. She broke through the prison of skin and swiftly made her way through the trees and to the child.

The wolf with the red feral eyes saw the movement through the trees and made eye contact with my silver, glowing eyes. He growled sensing a threat. His canines showed through his snarl as he keeps his eyes on mine. My wolf was focused ready to take him on but then she stopped and those red eyes came flooding into her memories.

I fall limp on the ground letting my arms rest after being held up for hours. My right shoulder stung from the constant torture to it. I heard a low huff of a wolf near by.

"Look up Sophia," I heard someone command me. My pride was in the way of listening to the order. My wolf felt the power of this man and pushed me to listen. I lifted my head with the rest of the strength I had left and see a wolf, with terrifying red eyes, blocking my view of the man that commanded me. He lowered his nose to my neck and his breathing sent shivers down my spine. This wolf was dangerous and I wanted to scream, to run away from his, to plead for help, but I had no more energy. I stayed limp letting the voice in my head tell me off. He heard a loud snarl and teeth sank into my shoulder. I let out a piercing scream as I saw him drop a piece of my skin that was once on my shoulder in front of me. Blood rolled down my arm making a pool around my hands.

I let out a whimper and opened my mouth to scream for help but nothing came out.
End of Flashback

Those eyes stared into mine with a smirk across his wolf face. My wolf let out a snarl and showed his my teeth. His skin started to show and his fur became skin. He stood tall and had a smirk plastered his face. His face was so ingrained in my brain and I wanted to run but my instincts took over.

Save the child.

"Sophia Moretti, I told you I would find you," he said. The blood drained from my face but my wolf was determined to kill him. She wanted his blood draining down the bathtub. She wanted his blood being washed off our bodies.

I noticed his scent was covered. I couldn't smell him which infuriated me. How did he get past border control. I saw the child at the tree stump shivering and I knew that I just needed to get her out of here. I heard a loud growl from behind me and I turned my head towards the noise. I see Brody's red wolf behind me focused on the man with the red eyes. His eyes were glazed over. He wasn't in control of his wolf anymore. A threat to his Luna must of clicked a trigger. The man still had a smirk on his face.

He shifts into his wolf and pounces at Brody. I jump and tackle him mid air before he could make contact with Brody. We rolled down the hill and he landed on top of me. I struggle and try to get out of his hold. Brody comes down the hill and aimed for his neck but he was quicker. He moved with incredible speed and dodged him. He was to fast for a normal wolf. I turn to go help Brody but I see a man blocking my view. I felt something stab into my neck. He pulls the syringe out and smirks. My vision became blurry and it became hard to stand up. Before I collapse I let out a long howl calling for help.
Titus' POV
The last drop of the beer rolls down the bottle and into my mouth. I throw the bottle with the rest and reach for another bottle but I freeze. A howl of desperation as let out from the woods further down near my house.

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